TEST ON TENSES -4 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -4 (with key)

1- We haven’t had such a cold winter ……… we came to Ankara.
A) when

B) for

C) before

D) as

E) since

2- By the time school opens again, I ……. In this restaurant eight weeks.
A) would have worked
B) will have worked
C) would work
D) would have to work
E) had been working

3- ……. I was ready to leave the office, it was already raining heavily.
A) At the same time
C) During
D) Afterwards
E) By the time

4- The loud applause …….. how deeply the music ……… the audience.
A) shows / would affect
B) showed / affected
C) had shown / could affect
D) would have shown / have affected
E) may show / had affected

5- This is the twentieth patient the doctor ………. today.
A) had examined
B) was examined
C) has examined
D) was examining
E) have examined

6- I have noticed that since I ……… the university, my life ……… much more interesting.
A) was entering / had become
B) have entered / becomes
C) had entered / became
D) enter / is becoming
E) entered / has become

7- While I ……. for my aunt outside the shop, someone …….. my purse.
A) waited / had been grabbing
B) had waited / was grabbing
C) was waiting / grabbed
D) had to wait / had grabbed
E) have been waiting /would have grabbed

8- When Queen Victoria …….. in 1901, she ……… for 63 years.
A) died / had been reigning
B) had died / reigned
C) died / was reigning
D) has died / reigned
E) died / has reigned

9- I ran into him at 1O o’clock this morning just before the board meeting; I ………… him since.
A) will not have seen
B) didn’t see
C) haven’t seen
D) hadn’t seen
E) couldn’t see

10- ………… by the time he got married.
A) John will finish his degree in medicine
B) The staff is planning a modest celebration
C) Steve has given a group of children art lessons
D) He would be busy picking up some last-minute necessities
E) Tim had been in charge of the company






1. E
2. B
3. E
4. B
5. C
6. E
7. C
8. A
9. C
10. E



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