TEST ON TENSES -29(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -29(with key)

1- Prices ……. steadily all year, so I hope that we ……. a pay rise soon.
A) rose/have got
B) are rising/got
C) have been rising/will get
D) had risen/get
E) were rising/had got

2- The first heavier-than-air flight ……. place in 1903, and aeronautics ……. ever since.
A) was taking/developed
B) took/has been developing
C) has taken/will develop
D) had taken/develops
E) takes/is developing

3- Since he ……. the Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates ……. one of the richest men in the world.
A) was founding/is becoming
B) has founded/became
C) had founded/will become
D) founded/has become
E) is founding/becomes

4- When the reinforcements …….. it was too late; the enemy ……. their comrades already.
A) were arriving/annihilated
B) have arrived/was annihilating
C) arrive/has annihilated
D) had arrived/annihilate
E) arrived/had annihilated

5- Because of the recent floods, a large number of people ……. their homes and it seems that they ……. the winter in tents.
A) are losing/have had to spend
B) lost/were spending
C) lose/have to spend
D) were losing/had spent
E) have lost/will have to spend

6- It was not until the early 20th century that Henry Ford ……. the automobile through mass production, though a Frenchman named Nicolas Joseph Cugnot ……. the world’s first self-propelled vehicle as early as 1769.
A) was popularising/has invented
B) popularised/had invented
C) has popularised/was inventing
D) had popularised/was inventing
E) popularises/has invented

7- The steel mill in Youngstown ……. steel since 1804 when it ……. down in the 1980s.
A) had been making/closed
B) has been making/was closing
C) made/had closed
D) was going to make/closes
E) was making/has closed

8- On the assumption that the Chinese economy ……. to grow as at present, China ……. the United States as the world’s greatest economic superpower by the mid 21st century.
A) continued/has overtaken
B) continues/was going to overtake
C) will continue/will have overtaken
D) is continuing/overtakes
E) has continued/is overtaking

9- Ever since slavery …. African Americans … rights…. in 1863, … for their civil
A) has been ending/were fighting
B) had ended/are lighting
C) ended/have been fighting
D) was ending/fought
E) has ended/will have fought

10- Though Susan ……. some of the best marks in her class last year, it appears that she ……. most of her courses this year.
A) has got/is failing
B) had been gelling/falls
C) was getting/had failed
D) got/will fall
E) has been getting/lias failed












7. A






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