TEST ON TENSES -25(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -25(with key)

1- She hasn’t washed anything delicate in the washing machine ……. .
A) until she bought some special soap powder
B) since she shrank her favourite Shetland wool cardigan
C) even when her mother offered to wash it for her
D) until the garment becomes really faded
E) because she thought it was better to handwash it

2- …… we will probably have eaten, but I’ll keep your dinner warm in the oven.
A) Until we move the office to the city centre
B) While you were travelling to Edinburgh
C) As soon as he had got the job as a chef
D) While I am cooking lasagne
E) By the time you get home from Carlisle

3- ……… suddenly, he had a great idea how to make the farm profitable.
A) Until he has obtained the loan from the bank
B) When he hires two new farm workers
C) While he was milking the cows
D) Whenever he considered selling the bottom field
E) Ever since his son told him he wanted to be a lawyer

4- …… by the time you have unpacked.
A) We were all in the living room watching television
B) We have just run out of hot water
C) You haven’t had time to take a shower
D) The water will be hot enough for abath
E) You are taking quite a long time

5- Before the riders mount their horses, ……. .
A) they usually went for a gallop around the paddock
B) the horses were mostly thoroughbreds
C) they were riding without wearing riding hats
D) the instructor checks the bridle and saddle of the horses
E) they watched some experienced riders jump over the fences

6- He qualified as a pilot just three months ago, but since then ……. .
A) he has flown across the Atlantic several times
B) he was fulfilling a lifetime ambition
C) he usually works as a co-pilot
D) he is terribly afraid of flying
E) he probably won’t have any financial

7- It was only after she had visited her doctor that ….. .
A) she has been worrying about the rash on her scalp
B) her rash began to disappear
C) she will have been suffering for two months
D) she is feeling much better
E) she has decided to ask at the chemist

8- ….. as soon as they find out the exact weight of the shipment.
A) We suspected that they had overcharged us again
B) They had been asking us for some business for weeks
C) Perhaps they have delivered our goods
D) They will let us know the precise cost of transportation
E) The shipping company charges seven dollars per kilogram

9- Until the manager dropped the football star from the team, ….. .
A) he has scored more goals than his team mates this season
B) he won’t play for them in the future
C) he expects to get an offer from a European club
D) he doesn’t expect to get picked next season
E) he really believed that he was indispensable

10- …….. when thieves stole the radio cassette player.
A) He has decided to pay in installments
B) The police aren’t doing enough to catch the thieves
C) You have been waiting so long for the dealer to deliver your new stereo
D) I don’t think the robbers will be sent to prison
E) He had only just taken delivery of his new car









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