TEST ON TENSES -22(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -22(with key)

1- In 1619, the first African slaves ....... in Virginia, USA, and by 1790, their numbers ....... nearly 700,000.
A) wore arriving/have been reaching
B) arrived/had reached .
C) have arrived /were reaching
D) were going to arrive/reach
E) had arrived/will have reached

2- We ....... a lovely view of the Bosphorus and the bridges over it while the plane ...... over Istanbul.
A) are getting/flies
B) had got/is flying
C) got/was flying
D) get/has flown
E) are getting/had been flying

3- When they ....... in Sydney Harbour, they ....... non-stop for three months.
A) anchor/will have been sailing
B) were anchoring/sailed
C) have anchored/were sailing
D) are anchoring/have been sailing
E) are going to anchor/have sailed

4- According to the new schedule the whole team have accepted, we ....... every Monday and Wednesday next term, but I'm sure we ....... back to our normal routine of once a week before long.
A) had trained/revert
B) train/have reverted
C) are training/reverted
D) arc going to train/will revert
E) have been training/are reverting

5- The prospector ran into town in excitement because, at last, he .. some gold at the site which he ... for months.
A) was finding/was panning
B) will find/is going to pan
C) will have found/has panned
D) had found/had been panning
E) found/will have panned

6- I expect you ....... bored with working at the Post Office by this tim.e next year and ....... for a more interesting job.
A) have become/will have looked
B) were becoming/are going to look
C) become/will look
D) will become/arc looking
E) will have become/will be looking

7- Listen! The coach ....... the strengths of our opponents because our team ....... against them before.
A) has explained/weren't playing
B) explains/won't play
C) is explaining/haven't played
D) was explaining/don't play
E) will explain/hadn't been playing

8- When I ....... the alterations to the company accounts, I was left in no doubt that the accountant ....... money from the firm.
A) saw/had been stealing
B) am seeing/has stolen
C) was seeing/was stealing
D) have seen/will have stolen
E) see/steals

9- According to the doctor, this time next week, I ....... around as normal and the cut on my foot ....... completely.
A) am walking/healed
B) will be walking/mil have healed
C) walked/was healing
D) have been walking/heals
E) walk/is going to heal

10- Shadow puppets ....... in China and  ....... as far as Turkey and Greece today.
A) will originate/have been spreading
B) are originating/will be spreading
C) originate/had spread
D) originated/have spread
E) will have originated/were spreading









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