TEST ON TENSES -21(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -21(with key)

1- Normally, people ……. quickly from the flu, but so far this year many people ……. as a result of it.
A) are recovering/had died
B) had recovered/are going to die
C) have been recovering/die
D) recover/have died
E) were recovering/will die

2- You ……. for three months by the time you leave for your holiday, so you ……. quite a lot of weight.
A) have been dieting/will be losing
B) will have been dieting/will have lost
C) had dieted/lost
D) were dieting/had lost
E) are going to diet/have lost

3- Carreta turtles ……. their eggs on the beach at night and ……. the reflection from the sea to find their way back to the water.
A) lay/use
B) were laying/have used
C) are going to lay/used
D) laid/arc using
E) will lay/had used

4- By the mid 1970s, ‘Marks and Spencer’ ……. one of the top department stores and they ……. more underwear than any other British company at the time.
A) had become/were selling
B) is going to become/had sold
C) has become/arc selling
D) became/will be selling
E) was becoming/will have sold

5- I ……. the potatoes while you …. the leeks for the soup.
A) peeled/will be chopping
B) will have peeled/have chopped
C) was peeling/had chopped
D) peel/will have chopped
E) will peel/chop

6- For the past 24 hours, a tropical storm ……. the houses of villages in Mozambique, but it is hard to know as yet how much damage it ……. by the time it has stopped.
A) was going to batter/causes
B) battered/will have been causing
C) has been battering/will have caused
D) had been battering/has caused
E) is battering/has been causing

7- By 1840, the US Army ……. most Eastern Indian tribes west of the Mississippi.
A) will have pushed
B) have pushed
C) had pushed
D) pushed
E) are pushing

8- For most of the time throughout the picnic, the boys ……. football while the girls ……. flowers.
A) will play/have been picking
B) are playing/will be picking
C) have played/are picking
D) were playing/were picking
E) had been playing/have picked

9- Over recent years, glue sniffing, which ……. negative effects on both the body and the mind, ……. a major problem among teenagers.
A) has had/is becoming
B) has/has become
C) is going to have/had become
D) will have/will have become
E) is having/was becoming

10- Chinese merchants ……. trade in Tibet since 1950, when China ……. the country.
A) dominate/was invading
B) were dominating/has invaded
C) will have dominated/had invaded
D) had dominated/will be invading
E) have dominated/invaded









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