TEST ON TENSES -17 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -17 (with key)

1- I ……. my book in the launderette while my washing …… .
A) have read/dries
B) read/was drying
C) was reading/has dried
D) have read/is drying
E) am reading/has dried

2- Up to now, the predicted Millennium computer bug ……. very few problems, although many scientists last year ……. a catastrophe.
A) has been causing/have predicted
B) is causing/predict
C) causes/were predicting
D) caused/have been predicting
E) has caused/predicted

3- I only ……. the company on Monday for a copy of their magazine and I ……. it already.
A) was asking/am receiving
B) have been asking/was receiving
C) ask/receive
D) asked/have received
E) have asked/have been receiving

4- More and more of my colleagues ……. these days because the new owners of the company have changed a lot of procedures. These changes won’t affect me though, because I ……. my job here only recently.
A) have left/was starting
B) leave/am starting
C) were leaving/started
D) left/start
E) are leaving/have started

5- She ……. onto the train because the station guard ……. his whistle.
A) has hurried/blows
B) hurries/has been blowing
C) hurried/was blowing
D) was hurrying/has blown
E) is hurrying/blows

6- Peggy’s family ……. pedigree dogs for three generations and they regularly ……. their dogs in shows.
A) have been breeding/enter
B) are breeding/are entering
C) were breeding/are entering
D) breed/have entered
E) bred/were entering

7- Mrs. White ……. her daughter’s wedding dress herself since November and ……. it, except for the trimmings.
A) made/finished
B) was making/was finishing
C) has been making/has finished
D) is making/finished
E) makes/is finishing

8- Because we have a young baby, we ……. the opportunity to go to the cinema any more, but now and again, we ……. a video to play at home.
A) didn’t have/are buying
B) aren’t having/were buying
C) don’t have/buy
D) weren’t having/bought
E) haven’t had/have been buying

9- This perfume ……. like cheap soap and definitely isn’t worth this price.
A) is smelling
B) smells
C) has been smelling
D) was smelling
E) smelt

10- While I ……. some money from a cash machine, a man ……. it all out of my hand.
A) was withdrawing/snatched
B) withdrew/snatches
C) am withdrawing/has snatched
D) have withdrawn/was snatching
E) withdrew/has been snatching









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