– Present Perfect & Past Simple
– For & since
– Adverbs (slowly, carefully, just, still, too)
– Relative Clause (who, which, that)
1. _____ to a rock concert?
A) Were you ever go
B) Have you ever been
C) Do you ever go
D) Have you ever go

2. I _____ the champion last week.
A) saw
B) have seen
C) see
D) seen

3. I love rock and roll. I _____ it all my life.
A) am liking
B) like
C) liking
D) have liked

4. The Flash’s concert _____ fantastic 3 years ago.
A) was
B) has been
C) have been
D) are

5. I _____ all their records since then.
A) bought
B) buy
C) buyed
D) have bought

6. The Flash _____ together for over fifteen years.
A) are
B) have been
C) are being
D) *

7. He’s my sister’s son. He’s my _____.
A) uncle
B) nephew
C) niece
D) bride

8. I run in races. I’m a(n) _____.
A) pilot
B) teenager
C) athlete
D) chef

9. In my job I wear the latest fashions. I’m a(n) _____.
A) actor
B) professor
C) nurse
D) model

10. I serve you drinks on a plane flight. I’m a _____.
A) cousin
B) flight attendant
C) niece
D) child

11. I cook food for a restaurant. I’m a(n) _____.
A) chef
B) musician
C) uncle
D) professor

12. The wedding was wonderful. The _____ looked beautiful, and the _____ was very handsome.
A) bridegroom / bride
B) niece / nephew
C) bride / bridegroom
D) sir / madam

13. He’s the man _____ Anna loves.
A) which
B) *
C) this
D) when
14. The film star gave a party _____ cost $10.000.
A) *
B) who
C) which
D) where

15. The man ______ you met at the party was a famous film star.
A) who
B) when
C) where
D) which

16. What’s the name of the woman _____ was wearing the gold dress?
A) *
B) which
C) where
D) who

17. You’re reading the book _____ I wanted to read.
A) when
B) who
C) which
D) where

18. There’s someone at the door _____ wants to speak to George.
A) who
B) that
C) which
D) *

19. I don’t like food _____ is very spicy.
A) which
B) *
C) who
D) when

20. That’s the dictionary _____ Bill gave me for my birthday.
A) * B) who
C) when D) where

21. Those are old cars _____ only take leaded petrol.
A) who
B) when
C) *
D) which

22. Do you like the people _____ Sarah invited to her party?
A) which
B) who
C) where
D) when

23. I called Tom at 10.00 in the morning, but he was _____ in bed.
A) of course
B) still
C) only
D) especially

24. It’s our anniversary today. We’ve been _____ for fifteen years.
A) at last
B) exactly
C) together
D) nearly

25. Kate is very fussy about food. She _____ eats pasta and crisps.
A) only
B) hard
C) exactly
D) too
26. She was very ill and _____ died, but fortunately, she got better.
A) carefully
B) nearly
C) too
D) usually

27. “I hate ironing.”
“Me, _____. It’s so boring.”
A) just
B) at last
C) slowly
D) too

28. I like all Russian novelists, _____ Tolstoy.
A) usually
B) especially
C) together
D) only

29. I met her on December 23, _____ before Christmas.
A) too
B) slowly
C) just
D) still

30. _____ I have finished this exercise. Thank goodness! It was so boring.
A) Together
B) At last
C) Exactly
D) Just

31. Sarah’s English is getting better. She _____ a lot of English since she
_____ here.
A) learnt / has come
B) has learnt / has come
C) has learnt / came
D) learnt / came

32. Mike and Jack _____ here five months ago. They _____ in this city
for five months.
A) came / have been
B) have come / have been
C) come / were
D) has come / has been

33. David can go to bed now. He _____ his homework.
A) finish
B) has finished
C) finishes
D) finished

34. Alison _____ in Chicago, but she would like to go there one day.
A) was
B) has been
C) wasn’t
D) has never been

35. Peter _____ his work 3 hours ago.
A) has finished
B) will finish
C) finished
D) finish
Dennis Heal __(36)__ a politician. He __(37)__ to Oxford University in 1975, and in 1982 he __(38)__ a Member of Parliament. He __(39)__ an MP since then. He __(40)__ Defense Minister from 1989- 95. He __(41)__ three books, including his autobiography “The Time of my Life”, and a spy story called “The Time to Run”. He is married to the artist Edna Heal, and they have two children. They __(42)__ in Oxford for 10 years, then they __(43)__ to London in 1995. They now __(44)__ in a house in Queen Square in central London.

A) was
B) is
C) is being
D) has been

37. A) go
B) has gone
C) went
D) goes

A) became
B) become
C) becomes
D) has become

A) was
B) is being
C) is
D) has been

A) was
B) is
C) has been
D) were

A) has written
B) wrote
C) write
D) writes

A) lives
B) has lived
C) have lived
D) live

A) move
B) moved
C) is moving
D) has moved

A) lives
B) have lived
C) lived
D) live

45. I haven’t seen Keith _____ a while.
A) since
B) *
C) for
D) in
46. He and his wife have lived next to me _____ their son, Tom, was
A) for
B) when
C) since
D) *

47. I have known them _____ many years.
A) *
B) for
C) on
D) since

48. Anna has had a bad cold _____ the last few days.
A) for
B) after
C) since
D) in

49. I have written a letter _____ breakfast.
A) *
B) before
C) for
D) since

50. I’m looking after Tom today. He’s been at my house _____ 8.00 this
B) for
C) since
D) from



1-B 2-A 3-D 4-A 5-D 6-B 7-B 8-C

9-D 10-B 11-A 12-C 13-B 14-C 15-A 16-D

17-C 18-A 19-A 20-A 21-D 22-B 23-B 24-C

25-A 26-B 27-D 28-B 29-C 30-B 31-C 32-A

33-B 34-D 35-C 36-B 37-C 38-A 39-D 40-A

41-A 42-C 43-B 44-D 45-C 46-C 47-B 48-A

49-D 50-C



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