What’s it like?
– Comparative and superlative adjectives
– Relative pronouns (who, which, what, where)
– Vocabulary
1. He’s _____ older than he looks.
A) much
B) more
C) *
D) the

2. Jessica’s as tall _____ her mother.
A) than
B) like
C) more
D) as

3. “What _____ New York like?”
“It’s really exciting!”
A) does
B) is
C) was
D) did

4. Trains in London are more crowded _____ in Paris.
A) that
B) as
C) than
D) like

5. Oxford is one of ___ oldest universities in Europe.
A) the
B) *
C) much
D) more

6. He isn’t as intelligent _____ his sister.
A) like
B) as
C) than
D) nothing

7. This is _____ than I expected.
A) more hard
B) hard
C) the hardest
D) harder

8. Who is the _____ man in the world?
A) rich
B) most richest
C) richest
D) most rich

9. Everything is _____ in my country.
A) more cheaper
B) cheaper
C) cheap
D) cheapest

10. Rome was hotter _____ I expected.
A) than
B) that
C) nothing
D) as

11. My dad’s really ____. He always buys presents for everyone.
A) romantic
B) fortunate
C) generous
D) depressed

12. Before you can get a credit card, you have to provide a lot of _____
A) wealth
B) person
C) happiness
D) personal

13. I try to lead a _____ lifestyle – lots of exercises, fruit, and no junk
A) depressed
B) dirty
C) healthy
D) mess

14. The disco was so _____ that you couldn’t hear yourself speak.
A) noisy
B) finance
C) windy
D) difference

15. After the earthquake, the country needed a lot of _____ equipment
to look after the sick and wounded.
A) depressed
B) medical
C) personal
D) financial

16. She had a car crash, but she was _____ to escape with no injuries at
A) depressed
B) romantic
C) lucky
D) healthy

17. Venice is a very _____ city. A lot of people go there on honeymoon.
A) dirty
B) polluted
C) wealthy
D) romantic

18. Here is the ____ news. Share prices on the Dow Jones Index have
fallen dramatically.
A) cheap
B) financial
C) depressed
D) wealthy

19. After a heart attack, he needed a major surgery, but fortunately the
operation was _____.
B) different
C) successful
D) personal
20. I didn’t like that city at all. The streets were so _____ and the air was
so _____.
A) dirty / messy
B) dirty / polluted
C) personal / noisy
D) messy / polluting

21. There’s the boy _____ broke the window.
A) which
B) where
C) *
D) who

22. That’s the palace _____ the King lives.
A) who
B) which
C) where
D) when

23. They are the policemen _____ caught the thief.
A) where
B) who
C) which
D) *

24. He gave him a watch _____ stopped after two days.
A) that
B) *
C) when
D) where

25. The Red Lion is the pub _____ we met for a drink.
A) which
B) that
C) where
D) when

26. Here are the letters _____ arrived this morning.
A) who B) which
C) * D) where

27. That’s the house _____ I was born.
A) when
B) that
C) where
D) which

28. Where is the woman _____ ordered the fish.
A) who
B) which
C) when
D) where

29. The hotel _____ we stayed was very comfortable.
A) which
B) that
C) where
D) when

30. I bought the coat _____ was in the shop window.
A) who
B) where
C) that
D) *

31. Are you as tall _____ your brother?
A) like
B) as
C) than
D) more

32. Was Joan’s party better _____ Maria’s?
A) than
B) much
C) like
D) as

33. “Wasn’t that film wonderful!”
“Yes, it was _____.”
A) modern
B) wealthy
C) brilliant
D) depressed

34. “I’m bored with this lesson!”
“I know, I’m really _____ with it, too!”
A) generous
B) fed up
C) healthy
D) happy

35. “Mary’s family is very rich.”
“Well, I knew her uncle was very _____.”
A) finance
B) polluted
C) wealthy
D) windy

36. “Ann’s bedroom’s really untidy again!”
“Is it? I told her it was _____ yesterday, and she promised to clean
A) clean
B) shining
C) modern
D) messy

37. She’s _____ than her sister.
A) much nicer B) more nicer
C) much more nicer D) more nicer

38. He’s _____ boy in the class.
A) the funnier
B) funniest
C) funnier
D) the funniest

39. Barbara’s _____ than Sarah.
A) intelligenter
B) much intelligent
C) more intelligent
D) intelligent


1-A 2-D 3-B 4-C 5-A 6-B 7-D 8-C

9-B 10-A 11-C 12-D 13-C 14-A 15-B 16-C

17-D 18-B 19-C 20-B 21-D 22-C 23-B 24-A

25-C 26-B 27-C 28-A 29-C 30-C 31-B 32-A

33-C 34-B 35-C 36-D 37-A 38-D 39-C



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