– Infinitive, gerund
– Going to, will
– Prepositions
1. “_____ a drink?”
“Yes, please. I’ll have an orange juice.”
A) Do you like
B) Are you liking
C) Would you like
D) Did you like

2. “What _____ at the weekend?”
“I like putting my feet up and relaxing. Sometimes I play tennis.”
A) will you like to do
B) do you like doing
C) would you like to do
D) are you like to do

3. “_____ your teacher?”
“Yes, she’s very nice.”
A) Did you like

B) Would you like
C) Will you like

D) Do you like

4. “What _____ to do in the evening?”
“Why don’t we pop round and see Pat and Peter?”
A) do you like
B) are you
C) would you like
D) did you like

5. “_____ for walks?”
“What a good idea! It’s so hot today!”
A) Are you going to go
B) Did you like going
C) Do you like going
D) Would you like to go

6. “My bag is so heavy.”
“Give it to me. _____ it for you.”
A) I’m going to carry
B) I carry
C) I’ll carry
D) I carried

7. I bought some warm boots today because _____ skiing.
A) I went
B) I’m going
C) I’ll go
D) I go

8. “Tony’s back from holiday.”
“_____ him a ring.”
A) I’ll give
B) I gave
C) I’m going give
D) I give

9. “What are you doing tonight?”
“We _____ a play at the theatre.”
A) saw
B) will see
C) are going to see
D) seeing

10. You can tell me your secret. I _____ anyone.
A) am not going tell B) won’t tell
C) don’t tell D) didn’t tell
11. “I need to post these letters.”
“I _____ shopping soon. I _____ them for you.”
A) will go / will post
B) am going / will post
C) am going / am going post
D) go / am going to post

12. “Now, holidays. Where _____ this year?”
“We don’t know yet.”
A) did you go
B) you going
C) will you go
D) do you going

13. We’ve decided _____ married in the spring.
A) get
B) to get
C) getting
D) got

14. I hope _____ some money soon.
A) earning
B) earn
C) to earn
D) to earning

15. I want _____ a film on TV this evening.
A) seeing
B) see
C) see to
D) to see

16. Some people like _____ breakfast in bed, but I don’t.
A) having
B) too have
C) have
D) had
17. I’m looking forward _____ you again soon.
A) to see B) seeing
C) to seeing D) see
18. I _____ my job soon.
A) think changing
B) am thinking of changing
C) am thinking to change
D) think change

19. This book is full _____ pictures.
A) with
B) in
C) to
D) of

20. Julie is married _____ Sam.
A) in
B) with
C) to
D) at

21. I don’t agree _____ him.
A) for
B) at
C) with
D) to

22. He isn’t good _____ French.
A) at
B) in
C) to
D) of

23. My brother is interested _____ math.
A) to
B) in
C) of
D) at

24. Look _____ those birds!
A) at
B) to
C) for
D) in

25. Are you afraid _____ flying?
A) with
B) at
C) in
D) of
26. Wait _____ me in the street.
A) to
B) for
C) at
D) in

27. Bill is looking _____ his keys but he can’t find them.
A) for
B) at
C) to
D) in

28. Please ask _____ help if you want.
A) to
B) for
C) of
D) in

29. Do you work _____ someone special?
A) at
B) for
C) of
D) in

30. Can I speak _____ you for a minute?
A) with
B) of
C) at
D) for

31. Barbara hopes _____ a lawyer.
A) become
B) to become
C) of becoming
D) becoming

32. I’d love ____ with you.
A) to going
B) go
C) to go
D) going

33. She enjoys _____ the news on television.
A) watching B) to watch
C) to watching D) watch
34. I’m looking forward _____ more free time.
A) to having
B) to have
C) of having
D) having

35. Do you want _____ it again?
A) try
B) trying
C) to trying
D) to try

36. We’re _____ a party next Saturday. Would you like _____?
A) have / to go
B) having / to come
C) had / to have
D) having to / had

37. You must see my new flat. ____ round and _____ a drink some time.
A) Go / come
B) Have / come
C) Go / have
D) Come / have

38. “I _____ out now, Mum. Bye!”
“OK. Have a good time. What time _____ home?”
A) went / did you come
B) am going / are you coming
C) go / will you come
D) am going / do you come

39. Hi, Dave. Pete _____ a shower at the moment. I’ll just _____ and tell
A) is having / go
B) had / went
C) is having / come
D) will have / will go

40. “I feel nervous. I’ve got an exam today.”
A) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad!
B) That’s great. Have a good time.
C) Poor you! That happens to me sometimes.
D) Good luck! Do your best.

41. “I feel really depressed at the moment. Nothing’s going right in my
A) I know. We really need some sunshine, don’t we?
B) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad!
C) I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m sure he’ll be all right.
D) That’s good. I’m pleased to hear it.

42. “I’m really excited. I’m going on holiday to Australia tomorrow.
A) Good luck! Do your best.
B) Why don’t you go home to bed?
C) That’s great. Have a good time.
D) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad!

43. I don’t feel very well. I think I’m getting the flu.
A) Poor you! That happens to me sometimes.
B) Why don’t you go home to bed?
C) I’m sorry to hear that but I’m sure he’ll be all right.
D) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad!

44. “I’m cold.”
“I _____ the heating on.”
A) am going to put
B) will put
C) put
D) will be putting

45. “Can I speak to Marco?”
“Hold on. I _____ him.”
A) got
B) am going to get
C) get
D) will get

46. “Coffee or tea?”
“I ____ tea, please.”
A) will have
B) have
C) am going to have
D) had

47. “Has Amy got any plans for the weekend?”
“Yes, she _____ her grandparents.
A) will visit
B) visits
C) is going to visit
D) visited

48. “Alison’s on the phone for you.”
“Can she call back? I ____ a bath.”
A) will have
B) am going to have
C) have
D) having of

49. “I _____ to the supermarket.”
“Oh, ____? I think I _____ with you.”
A) go / are you / am going to come
B) will go / will you / will come
C) am going to go / are you / will come
D) am going / do you / come

50. A: Did you get my fax?
B: No, I didn’t.
A: OK, I _____ it again.
A) send
B) will send
C) am going to send
D) am sending


1-C 2-B 3-D 4-C 5-D 6-C 7-B 8-A

9-C 10-B 11-B 12-C 13-B 14-C 15-D 16-A

17-C 18-B 19-D 20-C 21-C 22-A 23-B 24-A

25-D 26-B 27-A 28-B 29-B 30-A 31-B 32-C

33-A 34-A 35-D 36-B 37-D 38-B 39-A 40-D

41-B 42-C 43-B 44-B 45-D 46-A 47-C 48-B

49-B 50-B



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