– Past Simple – Past Continuous
– Irregular verbs – Linking words
– Prepositions
1. I was born in Africa _____ 1970.
A) on
B) at
C) in
D) last

2. My parents moved back to England _____ I was five.
A) when
B) ago
C) *
D) for

3. We lived in Bristol _____ three years.
A) last
B) for
C) at
D) *

4. I left college three years _____.
A) nothing
B) ago
C) for
D) in

5. I found a flat on my own _____ last year.
A) at
B) for
C) *
D) on

6. I usually go home _____ the weekend.
A) in
B) when
C) at
B) of

7. I didn’t go home ____ weekend because some friends came to stay.
A) for B) last C) * D) at
8. They arrived _____ three o’clock _____ the afternoon.
A) at / in
B) in / for
C) when / ago
D) last / *

9. _____ Saturday evening we went out to a concert.
A) Last
B) In
C) For
D) On

10. _____ we got home we listened to some music.
A) For
B) Last
C) Last
D) When

11. We got up late _____ Sunday morning.
A) *
B) at
C) on
D) in

12. _____ the afternoon we went for a walk.
A) At
B) For
C) On
D) In

13. I bought a car a few weeks _____.
A) last
B) when
C) ago
D) for

14. I had an accident _____ last night.
A) in
B) *
C) on
D) at

15. It happened _____ seven o’clock _____ the evening.
A) when / *
B) in / at
C) at / last
D) at / in

16. I took my car to the garage _____ this morning.
A) in
B) when
C) *
D) at

17. It will be ready _____ two weeks.
A) *
B) in
C) on
D) for

18. I _____ a friend while I _____ the shopping
A) was meeting / did
B) met / was doing
C) meet / do
D) met / did

19. I _____ for my things when I ____ someone call my name.
A) paid / was hearing
B) pay / heard
C) was paying / hear
D) was paying / heard

20. I _____ round and _____ Paula.
A) turned / saw
B) was turning/ was seeing
C) turn / was seeing
D) was turning / saw

21. She _____ a bright red coat yesterday.
A) wore
B) was wearing
C) wear
D) was wear
22. We _____ to have a cup of coffee.
A) decided
B) were deciding
C) decides
D) will deciding

23. While we _____ a drink, a waiter _____ a pile of plates.
A) had / was dropping
B) have / dropped
C) have / drop
D) were having / dropped

24. We all _____ a terrible shock.
A) were getting
B) gets
C) getting
D) got

25. While the waiter _____ up the broken plates, he _____ his finger.
A) picked / was cutting
B) was picking / cut
C) pick / cut
D) picks / cut

This morning I __(26)__ to work. I __(27)__ to go by bus because the sun __(28)__. While I __(29)__ past the supermarket, I __(30)__ something strange. A man __(31)__ near me and he __(32)__ a song very loudly on his own! He __(33)__ for a few minutes. Then he __(34)__ a friend and he __(35)__ singing.

A) was walking
B) walked
C) walk
D) walking
A) didn’t want
B) wasn’t wanting
C) don’t want
D) am not wanting

A) shone
B) is shining
C) was shining
D) shines

A) walked
B) am walking
C) was walked
D) was walking

A) was seeing
B) saw
C) am seeing
D) see
A) passed
B) was passing
C) pass
D) passes

A) sang
B) sing
C) was singing
D) song

A) was continuing
B) continues
C) is continuing
D) continued

A) will met
B) met
C) was meeting
D) meet

A) was stopping
B) stop
C) stopped
D) is stopping

36. I _____ a very good program on TV last night.
A) was seeing
B) see
C) am seeing
D) saw

37. While I _____ this morning, I _____ my money. I don’t know how.
A) shopped / lose
B) was shopping / lost
C) shopped / was losing
D) shop / lose

38. Last week the police _____ Alan in his car because he _____ over
eighty miles an hour.
A) were stopping / was driving
B) stop / drived
C) stopped / was driving
D) was stopping / drove

39. How _____ your finger?
A) are you cutting
B) were you cutting
C) did you cut
D) you cut

40. I _____ and I _____ the knife.
A) cooked / was dropping
B) cook / drop
C) was cooking / dropped
D) cooked / dropped

41. When I _____ at the party, everyone _____ a good time.
A) was arriving / had
B) arrived / was having
C) arrived / had
D) arrived / were having

42. _____ a good time last night?
A) Did you have
B) Were you having
C) Will you have
D) Are you having

43. While I _____ to work this morning I _____ an old friend.
A) went / meet
B) am going / met
C) go / was meeting
D) was going / met

44. I _____ to get up this morning. It _____ and it was cold, and my bed
was so warm.
A) don’t want / is raining
B) am not wanting / rains
C) wasn’t wanting / rained
D) didn’t want / was raining

45. I _____ to the news on the radio when the phone _____.
A) listened / was ringing
B) am listening / was ringing
C) was listening / rang
D) listen / is ringing

46. But when I _____ up the phone, there was no one there.
A) pick
B) am picking
C) picked
D) was picking

47. I _____ hello to the children, but they didn’t say anything because
they _____ television.
A) say / watched
B) said / were watching
C) was / saying
D) said / watched

48. What _____ at 8.00 last night?
A) did you do B) you did
C) were you doing D) are you doing

49. We played tennis _____ two hours.
A) during
B) while
C) nothing
D) for

50. I worked on a farm _____ the holidays.
A) for
B) since
C) while
D) on


1-C 2-A 3-B 4-B 5-C 6-C 7-B 8-A

9-D 10-D 11-C 12-D 13-C 14-B 15-D 16-C

17-B 18-B 19-D 20-A 21-B 22-A 23-D 24-D

25-B 26-B 27-A 28-C 29-D 30-B 31-B 32-C

33-D 34-B 35-C 36-D 37-B 38-C 39-C 40-C

41-B 42-A 43-D 44-D 45-C 46-C 47-B 48-C

49-D 50-D



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