Present Perfect
– Present Perfect Continuous
– Past Simple
– Vocabulary
1. How long _____ in Paris?
A) do you live
B) are you living
C) have you been living
D) you live

2. Anna _____ a good job.
A) finds
B) has found
C) founded
D) has been finding

3. Pete and I _____ for over six month.
A) are gone
B) have gone out
C) went out
D) have been going out

4. I _____ a new flat a few months ago.
A) bought
B) have been buying
C) have bought
D) buy

5. How long _____ your car?
A) have you had
B) you have
C) are you have
D) have you been having

6. Tom _____ as a postman for the past month.
A) has worked
B) worked
C) works
D) has been working

7. I _____ an essay all day.
A) write
B) have been written
C) am writing
D) have been writing

8. I _____ six pages.
A) am written
B) have been writing
C) have written
D) write

9. “Are you going out?”
“_____. I don’t know yet.”
A) Carefully
B) Possibly
C) Mainly
D) Nearly

10. The exam was _____ difficult. I couldn’t do any of it.
A) fluently
B) seriously
C) exactly
D) real

11. “How old are you?”
“I’m _____ eight. It’s my birthday next week.”
A) possibly
B) fluently
C) nearly
D) exactly

12. I travel a lot in my job, _____ to Europe.
A) exactly
B) nearly
C) really
D) mainly

13. Sorry I’m late. _____ for a long time?
A) Did you wait
B) Have you waited
C) Have you been waiting
D) Did you wait

14. The streets are wet. _____?
A) Was it raining
B) Has it been raining
C) Has it rained
D) Did it rain

15. I’m hot because I _____!
A) have run
B) run
C) have been running
D) am run

16. I _____ my finger! It really hurts.
A) cut
B) cutted
C) have cut
D) have been cutting

17. _____ Paul Simon’s latest record?
A) Have you heard
B) Have you been hearing
C) Did you hear
D) Are you heard

18. She’s tired because she _____ all day.
A) shopped
B) shops
C) has been shopping
D) has shopped

19. Sorry. I _____ one of your glasses.
A) have broken
B) broke
C) break
D) have been breaking

20. How long _____ this book?
A) do you read
B) are you reading
C) have you been reading
D) have you read

21. They _____ here for three years.
A) lives
B) are living
C) live
D) have been living

22. I _____ the living room, but I haven’t finished yet.
A) have painted
B) paint
C) painted
D) have been painting

23. I _____ my wallet. Where did I last put it?
A) lost
B) have lost
C) have been losing
D) lose

24. Look what Pat _____ me for my birthday! A bike!
A) gave
B) have been giving
C) gives
D) has given
25. There’s my wallet! I _____ for it for ages.
A) have been looking
B) looked
C) have looked
D) look
We __(26)__ in our new house for several months. Since we __(27)__in, we __(28)__ very busy. Everyone __(29)__ to get the house ready. So far we __(30)__ the living room and the kitchen. Soon after we arrived the central heating __(31)__ down, so we __(32)__ to spend a lot of money to repair it. We __(33)__ gardening very much, but we __(34)__ time to do anything in the garden yet. And it __(35)__ very heavily recently, so we’ll just wait till the weather gets better.

A) lives
B) lived
C) have lived
D) have been living

A) have moved
B) moved
C) have been moving
D) are moving

A) are
B) have been being
C) were
D) have been

A) has been helping
B) has helped
C) helps
D) helped

A) decorated
B) decorate
C) have decorated
D) have decorating

A) have broken
B) broke
C) breaks
D) are breaking

A) have been having
B) have
C) had
D) have had

A) are liking
B) liked
C) have liked
D) like

A) don’t have
B) haven’t had
C) had not
D) aren’t having

A) is raining
B) rained
C) have been raining
D) has rained

36. “Can I speak to Mr. Thompson, please?”
“I’m afraid he’s just _____ out of the office.”
A) been
B) has
C) gone
D) *
37. I _____ to most countries in Europe, but I’ve never _____ to Russia.
A) was / gone
B) have gone / been
C) have been / been
D) went / gone
38. _____ me that you’ll always tell the truth.
A) Advise
B) Waste
C) Promise
D) Invent

39. He was taken to hospital by ambulance, but he was _____ on arrival.
A) mad
B) dead
C) alive
D) various

40. I love the _____ and quite of the countryside.
A) peace
B) feeling
C) comfort
D) wealth

41. I saw a(n) _____ for a job as a waiter.
A) invention
B) mystery
C) waste
D) advertisement

42. The sofa was so ______ that I felt asleep.
A) successful
B) comfortable
C) honest
D) comforting

43. I gave the police a(n) _____ of the man who attacked me.
A) beauty
B) describing
C) advice
D) description
44. I had a few problems, but Bob gave me some good _____.
A) advice
B) promises
C) inventions
D) *

45. I was sitting at home when suddenly I had a funny _____ that I
wasn’t alone.
A) belief
B) government
C) mystery
D) feeling

46. I used to speak French _____, but I’ve forgotten it now.
A) successfully
B) fluently
C) honestly
D) carefully

47. Please drive _____. The roads are so dangerous.
A) carefully
B) seriously
C) comfortably
D) wealthy

48. I have _____ £5.17 until the end of the week.
A) exactly
B) suddenly
C) peacefully
D) really

49. There was an accident, but fortunately no one was _____ injured.
A) mainly
B) seriously
B) possibly
D) exactly
50. “Where does their money come from?”
“They have a very _____ business.”
A) wealthy
B) comfortable
C) successful
D) various


1-C 2-B 3-D 4-A 5-A 6-D 7-D 8-C

9-B 10-B 11-C 12-D 13-C 14-B 15-C 16-C

17-A 18-C 19-A 20-D 21-D 22-D 23-B 24-D

25-A 26-D 27-B 28-D 29-A 30-C 31-B 32-C

33-D 34-B 35-D 36-C 37-C 38-C 39-B 40-A

41-D 42-B 43-D 44-A 45-D 46-B 47-A 48-A

49-B 50-C



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