– Second conditional
– Might, will, going to
– Phrasal verbs
1. Don’t wait for me. I _____ late. It depends on the traffic.
A) will be
B) am
C) might be
D) am going to be

2. “What are you doing tonight?”
“I don’t know. I _____ out, or I _____ at home.”
A) will go / am staying
B) might go / might stay
C) am going / am staying
D) go / stay

3. We have guests coming for Saturday lunch. I _____ cook roast beef
and Yorkshire pudding. I have bought all the ingredients.
A) might
B) will
C) am going to cook
D) can

4. A- I’m going to buy George a green shirt.
B- I wouldn’t if I were you.
A- Why not?
B- I’m sure he _____ the green color.
A) might not like
B) will like
C) isn’t going to like
D) won’t like

5. “Goodbye, darling. I _____ phone as soon as I arrive.”
“Thanks. Bye!”
A) can
B) will
C) am going to
D) might

6. Catherine wants to be a politician. Who knows? One day she ____
Prime Minister!
A) is going to be
B) will be
C) might be
D) is

7. _____ on your warm coat. It’s cold today.
A) Try B) Fill
C) Dress D) Put
8. Could I _____ on these shoes, please?
Size nine.
A) look
B) put
C) try
D) turn

9. Don’t forget to _____ off the lights when you come to bed.
A) down
B) turn
C) fall
D) fill

10. You look tired. Sit _____ and have a cup of tea.
A) away
B) on
C) down
D) put

11. I’m looking for yesterday’s newspaper. Did you throw it _____?
A) out
B) down
C) back
D) away

12. Turn _____ the music! It’s too loud!
A) on
B) round
C) down
D) after
Laura __(13)__ in a big city. If she lived in the country, she __(14)__a dog. Laura __(15)__ a flat with three other girls. But if it __(16)__possible, she __(17)__ on her own. If she __(18)__ in the country, she __(19)__ a small cottage, and she __(20)__ her own flowers andvegetables. She __(21)__ by underground and __(22)__ shopping inbig department stores, but she __(23)__ this at all. If she __(24)__ in the country she __(25)__ her bike, and she __(26)__ things in a small village shop.
A) was living
B) lived
C) would like to live
D) lives
A) has
B) would have
C) had
D) will have

A) share
B) is sharing
C) shares
D) shared

A) will be
B) was
C) is
D) were

A) lives
B) is living
C) will be living
D) would live

A) was living
B) were living
C) is living
D) lived

A) will buy
B) is going to buy
C) would buy
D) buys

A) grows B) wants to grow
C) will grow D) would grow
A) is traveling
B) would travel
C) travels
D) will travel

A) go
B) goes
C) is going
D) would go

A) likes
B) would like
C) doesn’t like
D) is liking

A) were
B) is
C) will be
D) would being

A) rides
B) rode
C) would ride
D) is riding

A) bought
B) would buy
C) buys
D) will buy
27. “What’s for supper?”
“We _____ lamb. It’s in the oven.”
A) might have
B) would have
C) had
D) are having

28. “What time are we eating?”
“Don’t worry. It _____ ready before your TV program.”
A) is
B) will be
C) might be
D) *

29. I’m going to the town tomorrow. I _____ lunch with Joe at 1.00.”
A) will have
B) am having
C) might have
D) have

30. “Are you going to have a winter holiday this year?”
“I _____. I haven’t decided yet.”
A) am
B) might
C) am not
D) can’t

31. How do you _____ your parents?
A) look forward to
B) look up a word
C) get on with
D) look out

32. You shouldn’t smoke in here. Put _____.
A) it off
B) it down
C) it out
D) it away

33. I haven’t get time to fill in this form. I’ll fill _____ later.
A) it
B) in it
C) on it
D) *

34. I _____ tennis tomorrow. But I’m not sure.
A) play B) am playing
C) will play D) might play
35. If I ____ younger, I ____ to play the piano, but I’m too old now.
A) am / will learn
B) will be / are learning
C) were / would
D) were / would learn

36. I’m _____ forward to meeting her very much.
A) fallen
B) looking
C) trying
D) giving

37. She _____ off her horse and hurt her wrist.
A) put
B) turned
C) ran
D) fell

38. What a pretty dress! Turn _____ ! Let me look at it from the back.
A) up
B) round
C) away
D) on

39. Don’t worry about the baby. I’ll look _____ her while you’re out.
A) for
B) with
C) to
D) after

40. Pick _____ your litter! Don’t drop it on the street!
A) on
B) up
C) out
D) back

41. If I _____ Prime Minister, I _____ increase tax for rich people.
A) would be / shall B) will be / will
C) am / would D) were / would
42. If I _____ in a big house, I _____ a party.
A) lived / would have
B) am / am having
C) will live / have
D) would live / will have

43. Thank you for the invitation. _____ I can’t come.
A) Suddenly
B) Upstairs
C) Unfortunately
D) Hardly

44. If she _____ a lot of clothes, she _____ money.
A) bought / would have
B) would buy / has
C) wouldn’t bought / had
D) didn’t buy / would have

45. If he _____ a watch, he _____ always late.
A) will have / won’t be
B) had / isn’t
C) has / is
D) had / wouldn’t be

46. They _____ their baby Lily, but they aren’t sure yet.
A) will call
B) are calling
C) call
D) might call

47. I’d visit you more often if you _____ so far away.
A) will be living
B) didn’t live
C) don’t live
D) wouldn’t live

48. If I _____ perfect English, I _____ in this class.
A) could spoke / won’t be
B) can speak / would be
C) could speak / wouldn’t be
D) can’t speak / will not be

49. I _____ to work if I _____ better, but I feel terrible.
A) went / felt
B) would go / feel
C) will go / feel
D) would go / felt

50. What _____ if a stranger _____ you £1 million?
A) will you do / gave
B) would you do / gave
C) do you do / will give
D) would you do / will give


1-C 2-B 3-C 4-D 5-B 6-C 7-D 8-C

9-B 10-C 11-D 12-C 13-D 14-B 15-C 16-D

17-D 18-D 19-C 20-D 21-C 22-B 23-C 24-A

25-C 26-B 27-D 28-B 29-B 30-B 31-C 32-B

33-B 34-D 35-D 36-B 37-D 38-B 39-D 40-B

41-D 42-A 43-C 44-D 45-D 46-D 47-B 48-C

49-D 50-B


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