– Infinitive, gerund
– Describing feelings and situations
1. He agreed _____ the job as soon as possible.
A) start
B) starting
C) to start
D) starts

2. I stopped _____ my book and went to bed.
A) to read
B) read
C) will read
D) reading

3. My teachers always expected me _____ well in exams.
A) did
B) doing
C) do
D) to do

4. Let me _____ for the meal. You paid last time.
A) pay
B) to pay
C) paid
D) paying
5. The dentist told me _____ more careful when I brush my teeth.
A) will be
B) being
C) to be
D) be

6. I asked Monica _____ some stamps.
A) buys
B) buying
C) to buy
D) buy

7. I never liked _____ to church when I was a child.
A) going
B) to do
C) went
D) go

8. Have you finished _____ that letter yet?
A) to write
B) writing
C) writes
D) write

9. You can’t _____ your car outside the hospital.
A) parks
B) to park
C) park
D) parking

10. David always enjoyed _____ football at school.
A) to be played
B) playing
C) to play
D) play

11. The TV program was so _____ that I felt asleep.
A) tired
B) surprising
C) annoyed
D) boring
12. Children can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve.
They’re too _____.
A) bored
B) excited
C) frightened
D) worrying

13. “Hi, Mum!”
“Carol! Thank goodness you rang! Where have you been? We’ve
been so _____ about you.”
A) interested
B) annoying
C) worried
D) frightening

14. A: Hello, darling. I’ve got a present for you.
B: For me?
A: Don’t look so _____. I often buy you presents.
B: But it isn’t my birthday!
A) bored
B) exciting
C) tiring
D) surprised

15. The art exhibition was very _____. I loved it.
A) surprised
B) boring
C) interesting
D) excited

16. My feet are killing me! I find going round art galleries and museums
very _____.
A) tiring
B) worrying
C) boring
D) frightening
17. Some people don’t go out at night because they’re _____ that
someone will rob them.
A) worried
B) annoying
C) surprised
D) frightened

18. Our financial situation is very _____. We spend more and more, but
we’re earning less and less.
A) worrying
B) exciting
C) frightened
D) interesting

19. A: You are yawning. Are you listening to what I am saying?”
B: I am! I’m really _____. I want to know what happened. It’s just
that I feel very _____. I went to bed very late last night.
A) surprised / tiring
B) excited / worrying
C) interested / tired
D) frightened / bored

20. “I’m going on a three-month holiday to the Far East.”
“How _____! Lucky you!”
A) frightening
B) interested
C) boring
D) exciting

21. “Was your father _____ when you told him your exam results?”
“He was furious.”
A) annoyed
B) worrying
C) frightened
D) tired

22. “What _____ to do?”
“I’m looking for my contact lens. Can you see it?”
A) do you try
B) will you try
C) are you trying
D) did you try
23. “I’ll help you. What _____ me to do?”
“Could you do the washing-up while I am doing the cooking?”
A) you want
B) are you wanting
C) did you want
D) do you want

24. “What _____ you to do?”
“She (the doctor) told me to stay in bed for a few days.”
A) will she tell
B) did she tell
C) is she going to tell
D) does she tell

25. “My mother was so helpful while she was staying with us”
“What _____ to do?”
A) did she help you
B) does she help you
C) will she help you
D) was she helping you

26. “What _____ to do tonight?”
“What about going out for a meal?”
A) do you like
B) would you like
C) are liking
D) will you like

27. “What _____ to do after university?”
“I’d like to get a job in publishing.”
A) do you hope
B) will you hope
C) are you going to hope
D) are you hope

28. My family is trying _____ where to go on holiday.
A) decided
B) decide
C) to decide
D) deciding

29. I’d like _____ somewhere different for a change.
A) went
B) to go
C) go
D) going

30. I enjoy _____ places I’ve never been to before.
A) visiting
B) to visit
C) visits
D) visit

31. But my children hate _____.
A) sightsee
B) to sightsee
C) sightseeing
D)will sightsee

32. They prefer _____ in a swimming pool all day.
A) playing
B) plays
C) to play
D) to playing

33. They refuse _____ out on trips if it’s too hot.
A) to going
B) to go
C) going
D) go

34. Last year we managed _____ a holiday that suited everyone.
A) found
B) to find
C) find
D) finding
35. We decided _____ a house with a swimming pool.
A) renting
B) rent
C) to renting
D) to rent

36. A woman from a travel agency helped us _____ a nice house.
A) to choose
B) choosing
C) chooses
D) too choose

37. When we arrived, the people next door invited us _____ a drink
with them.
A) have
B) to have
C) to had
D) having

38. We began _____ about next year’s holiday two months ago.
A) talked
B) talking
C) talks
D) talk

39. Everyone hopes ____ themselves on holiday but it isn’t always easy.
A) enjoy
B) to enjoy
C) be enjoyed
D) enjoying

40. My wife and I are starting _____ we should stay at home.
A) thinking
B) think
C) to think
D) thought

41. I went to the shops _____ some shoes.
A) buy B) for to buy
C) to buy D) for buy

42. Do you enjoy _____?
A) dance
B) dancing
C) danced
D) to dance

43. When I was young, I _____ ice-skating.
A) went to
B) go
C) used to go
D) going

44. He told me he loved me. I didn’t know what _____.
A) to say
B) say
C) will I say
D) saying

45. Their house is _____ mess! I don’t know how they live in it.
A) so
B) such an
C) so many
D) such a

46. There were _____ people at the party! There was nowhere to dance.
A) such a
B) so many
C) so much
D) such

47. I’m _____ hungry. I could eat a horse.
A) so
B) such a
C) such
D) so much

48. Jane and Pete are _____ nice people! But I can’t stand their kids.
A) so many
B) so
C) such a
D) such

49. I’ve spent _____ money this week! I don’t know where it’s all gone.
A) such
B) so many
C) so much
D) so

50. A present! For me? You’re _____ kind!
A) such
B) so many
C) so
D) such a


1-C 2-D 3-D 4-A 5-C 6-C 7-A 8-B

9-C 10-B 11-D 12-B 13-C 14-D 15-C 16-A

17-D 18-A 19-C 20-D 21-A 22-C 23-D 24-B

25-A 26-B 27-A 28-C 29-B 30-A 31-C 32-A

33-B 34-B 35-D 36-A 37-B 38-B 39-B 40-C

41-C 42-B 43-C 44-A 45-D 46-B 47-A 48-D

49-C 50-C



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