– Present, Past, Future Tenses
– Questions with Who, Why, How much
– Phrases with more than one meaning

1. _____ three languages: French, Spanish, and English.
A) I’m speak
B) I’m speaking
C) I speaking
D) I speak

2. Where _____ from?
A) Hans come
B) does Hans come
C) does Hans coming
D) Hans came

3. What _____ tonight?
A) do you do
B) you do
C) are you doing
D) did you do

4. “Where is George”
“He _____ a shower.”
A) has
B) will have
C) is having
D) have

5. “What _____ ?”
“I don’t know. Look it up.”
A) does this word mean
B) means this word
C) does mean this word
D) is meaning this word

6. “Do you want a cigarette?”
“No, thanks. I _____ .”
A) no smoke
B) smoke not
C) am not smoking
D) don’t smoke
7. Last year I _____ to America.
A) was go
B) go
C) was going
D) went

8. How long _____ in America?
A) you stay
B) did you stay
C) stayed you
D) you staying

9. The weekend was boring. I _____ anything.
A) don’t do
B) no do
C) didn’t do
D) wasn’t doing

10. “I’m going to university next year”
“What _____ study?”
A) you going to
B) do you
C) did you
D) are you going to
Enrique __(11)__ in Puebla, a town in Mexico. He __(12)__ medicine because he __(13)__ to be a doctor. He’s married, but he __(14)__ any children. His wife, Silvia, __(15)__ in a primary school. Enrique
__(16)__ cooking. He can make an excellent enchilada!

A) lived
B) lives
C) was living
D) live

A) studied
B) was studying
C) is studying
D) doesn’t study
A) is wanting
B) was wanting
C) will want
D) wants

A) has
B) have
C) doesn’t have
D) is going to have

A) was teaching
B) teaches
C) teach
D) thought

A) loved
B) used to love
C) loves
D) love

17. At the weekend, I usually _____ go swimming.
A) am
B) *
C) was
D) want
18. Are you _____ the party?
A) enjoy
B) enjoyed
C) enjoying
D) enjoys

19. How many sisters _____ ?
A) do you have
B) you have
C) are you have
D) do you has

20. I _____ understand what you are saying.
A) no
B) don’t
C) am not
D) didn’t

21. What time _____ home last night?
A) did you get
B) you get
C) do you get
D) did you got

22. Last weekend I _____ some friends and we _____ a meal.
A) see / having
B) saw / have
C) seeing / had
D) saw / had

23. I _____ English food. It’s wonderful!
A) am loving
B) loved
C) love
D) loves

24. Pierre is French. He _____ from Toulouse.
A) is coming
B) came
C) come
D) comes

25. _____ the computer at the moment?
A) Does Mr. Taylor use
B) Is Mr. Taylor using
C) Did Mr. Taylor use
D) Will Mr. Taylor use

26. Dave _____ a student with her work now.
A) helped
B) help
C) is helping
D) helping
27. “ It’s very noisy”
“Suzy _____ to rock music.”
A) listen
B) listens
C) listened
D) is listening

28. Carol _____ hard for her exam last week.
A) didn’t study
B) isn’t studying
C) don’t study
D) aren’t study

29. Most of the students _____ these days.
A) didn’t smoke
B) aren’t smoking
C) isn’t smoking
D) don’t smoke

30. You look nice, Anne. _____ a new dress?
A) Do you wear
B) Does she wear
C) Are you wearing
D) Did you wear

31. Many birds _____ south every winter.
A) fly
B) flew
C) are flying
D) will fly

32. Usually Jim _____ to work on Saturdays.
A) is going
B) went
C) go
D) goes

33. Japan _____ many high mountains.
A) have
B) is having
C) has
D) are having

34. Cats _____ very well in darkness.
A) are seeing
B) see
C) will
D) sees

35. “What _____ ?”
“I’m studying computer science.”
A) are you studying
B) were you studying
C) was you studying
D) is she studying

36. “ _____ born?”
“I was born in London.”
A) When did you
B) Where were you
C) Where are you
D) Where do you

37. “Are _____?”
“No, I’m single.”
A) he marries
B) you married
C) you marry
D) she married

38. “ _____ a job ?”
“No, I don’t. I’m a student.”
A) Did you have
B) Do you have
C) Have you had
D) Are you having
39. “_____ Liverpool?”
“It’s in the north west of England.”
A) Where were
B) Where are
C) Where is
D) When was

40. “What _____?”
“My name’s Ben.”
A) was your name
B) were your name
C) is your name
D) is his name
41. “Are _____ your course?”
“Yes, I’m enjoying it very much.”
A) you enjoying
B) they enjoying
C) they enjoyed
D) enjoying

42. “Do _____ clubs?”
“I go sometimes.”
A) you do
B) you go to
C) you usually go
D) you do go to

43. “What_____ doing in you free time?”
“I like watching sport on TV.”
A) are you
B) sport are you
C) do you like
D) would you like to

44. “ _____”
“Yes, can I help you?”
A) Thank you!
B) Cheers!
C) Excuse me!
D) Nothing much.

45. “What are you doing this weekend?”
A) Nothing much
B) Not at all. Don’t mention it
C) Cheers
D) Bye for now

46. “Make your self at home.”
“ _____ .”
A) Sleep well
B) Thank you
C) Thanks. Same to you
D) Excuse me
47. “Thank you so much for helping.”
“ _____ .”
A) Nothing much
B) Cheers
C) Not at all. Don’t mention it
D) Sleep well

48. “Good morning!”
“ _____”
A) Good morning!
B) Thank you!
C) Cheers!
D) Sleep well!

49. “See you next week.”
“ ___________. “
A) Cheers
B) Thank you
C) Good morning
D) Bye for now

50. “Have a nice day!”
“ _____.”
A) Thanks. Same to you
B) Not at all. Don’t mention it.
C) Nothing much
D) Sleep well

51. A- Where _____ from?
B- _____ am from Milano.
A) are you / I
B) are / you
C) are they / they
D) you / I

52. A- _____ Leo eat Chinese food?
B- Yes, he _____ it _____ he was 10.
A) Did / eaten / when
B) Does / ate / what
C) Did / ate / when
D) Do / eat / what

53. What _____ they going _____ do?
A) are / too
B) are / to
C) is / to
D) is / too
54. A- How _____ languages can your son speak?
B- Three _____.
A) much / languages
B) many / language
C) many / languages
D) much / language

55. A- When _____ it _____ raining?
B- Yesterday.
A) Did / started
B) Does / start
C) Does / starts
D) Did / start

56. _____ kind _____ music do you like?
A) What / *
B) How / of
C) What / of
D) What / *

57. A- Good night!
B – _____!
A) Sleep well
B) Cheers
C) Fine, thanks
D) Bye

58. Oh! Welcome, Jack! __________.
A) Pleased to meet you
B) That’s very kind
C) Make yourself at home
D) Same to you

59. Customer: _______________!
Shop assistant: _______________?
A) Good morning / Good morning
B) Excuse me / Yes, can I help you
C) Bless you / Thank you
D) How do you do / How do you do

60. A- Thank you very much!
B- ___________.
A) Same to you
B) Thanks
C) Bye
D) Not at all

61. Mobile phones, televisions, and radios are a means of _____.
A) communication
B) transport
C) media
D) civilization

62. Romans _____ a unique system of the Roman alphabet.
A) improved
B) developed
C) persuaded
D) exchanged

63. Nowadays media has a huge influence on the _____.
A) neighbors
B) society
C) printing pressing
D) Greeks

64. We send _____ through the internet.
A) a letter
B) a fax
C) mail
D) an e-mail

65. Romans, Greek and Egyptians are all _____ nations.
A) ancient
B) old
C) dated
D) modern


1-D 2-B 3-C 4-C 5-A 6-D 7-D 8-B

9-C 10-D 11-B 12-C 13-D 14-C 15-B 16-C

17-B 18-C 19-A 20-B 21-A 22-D 23-C 24-D

25-B 26-C 27-D 28-A 29-B 30-C 31-A 32-D

33-C 34-B 35-A 36-B 37-B 38-B 39-C 40-C

41-A 42-B 43-C 44-C 45-A 46-B 47-C 48-A

49-D 50-A 51-A 52-C 53-B 54-C 55-D 56-C

57-A 58-C 59-B 60-D 61-A 62-B 63-B 64-D



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