PAST PERFECT TENSE AND PAST TENSE (LINKERS) no sooner than hardly ever when

PAST PERFECT TENSE AND PAST TENSE (LINKERS) no sooner  than hardly ever when

1-Rewrite the following sentences:

1- He left the place when his friend came.
( until )
2- We went for a walk but first we finished our work.
3- Having visited his uncle, he went shopping.
4- I didn’t know about her success until I had met her
5-She didn’t marry till she had graduated.
6- After I had studied, I went to bed.
7- He felt ill from eating too much canned food.
(By the time)
8- She wrote a postcard then she went to the post
9-I had my breakfast, but before that, I took some
(I didn’t)

10 – He didn’t leave without talking the money.

11- They weren’t eager to work until they had had a

12- He left the room after taking permission.
13-I gave the book to a friend .1 read it.

14- I didn’t park my car until I had found a place.
(As soon as)

15- We completed the forms . we handed them in.
16 -The students did the experiment. They wrote a
report on it.
( By the time)

2-Choose the correct answer:

1. -………………had he left home than he heard an explosion.
a- Hardly b- No sooner
c- Before d- After

2. -…………………she was a little girl, she wanted to be an actress.
a- Till b- After
c- Until d- When

3. I found your coat …………….you had left the house.
a- after b- till
c- no sooner d- hardly

4. – We didn’t start……………Sam had come.
a- after b- until
c- when d- hardly

5. I decided to water the tree after ……… a- had planted b- planted
c- Planting d- plant

6. I didn’t answer the question………… I had read it carefully.
a- after b- until
c- as soon as d- before

7. Hardly ………… started our journey when the car got a flat tyre.
a- had we b- have we
c- do we d- we had

8. He had no sooner bought a car ……………..he sold it again.
a- when b- that
c- than d- then

9. After he ……………..his homework, he will watch the
a- had done b- did
c- will do d- does

10. We went to the museum ……….. we h;ad had lunch .
a- till b- after
c- no sooner d- hardly

11. I took the medicine when when I ……… a meal.
a. has had b. have had
c. had d. had had

12. She …………….. her lunch until her husband had come.
a. had had b. won’t have
c. wasn’t have d. didn’t have

13- As soon as I ———- the ticket, I ran to
catch the bus.
a. bought b. had bought
c. have bought d. was buying

14-he didn’t remember the promise he ———–
a. took b. has taken
c. takes d. had taken

15.They said that the driver —————–the
a.causes b. was caused
c.had caused c.has caused

1. Rewrite the following sentences

1-He didn’t leave the place until his friend came.
2.Having finished our work,we went for a walk.
3.After he had visited his uncle,he went shopping.
4.I knew about her success after I had met her.
5.When she had graduated, she married.
6.She didn’t go to bed until she had studied.
7.By the time she felt ill, she had eaten too much canned food.
8.Before she went to the post office, she had written a postcard.
9.I didn’t have my breakfast until I had taken some exercises.
10. He didn’t leave until he had taken the money.
11.After they had had a holiday, they were eager to work.
12.Before he left the room, he had taken a permission.
13.When I had read the book, I gave it to my friend.
14.As soon as I had found a place,I parked my car.
15.We didn’t hand the forms in until we had completed them
16. By the time the students wrote a report they had done the experiment.`

2-Choose the correct answer:

1. No sooner
2. when
3. after
4. – until
5. Planting
6. 6.until
7. had we
8. – than
9. had done
10. after
11. had had
12. didn’t have
13. had bought
14. had taken
15. had caused



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