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1- Change the underlined active verbs into the passive form:

  1. Adam hit the ball.        The ball was hit by Adams.
  1. Someone is ringing the bell.    The bell …………………………………….
  1. Mom washes the carpet. The carpet ………………… by Mom.
  1. Children should drink  milk.   Milk ……………………… by children.
  1. I have paid my checks. Checks …………………………… by me.
  1. Tim will write a story. A story ………………………… by Tim.
  1. Tom needs to do this work. This work needs ……………………….
  1. Dina may invite some friends. Some friends …………………………… by Dina.






  1. The ball was hit by Adams.
  2. is being rung
  3. is washed
  4. should be drunk
  5. have been paid
  6. will be written
  7. to be done
  8. may be invited

2- Change the underlined active verbs into the passive form:

1. The lawyer will give you some advice.
2. Sue asked the policeman for directions.
3. The pirates had found the treasure.
4. Peter is going to take the package later.
5. Someone has already stopped the machine.
6. The coach always encourages the trainees.
7. Meg needs to wipe the floor right now.
8. The employees might suggest new rules.






  1. You will be given some advice by the lawyer.
  2. The policeman was asked for directions.
  3. The treasure had been found by the pirates.
  4. The package is going to be taken later by Peter.
  5. The machine has already been stopped.
  6. The trainees are always encouraged by the coach.
  7. The floor needs to be wiped right now.
  8. New rules might be suggested by the employees.

3- Change the underlined active verbs into the passive form:

1. We didn’t notice the new changes.
2. The store won’t deliver the furniture.
3. They haven’t collected the taxes yet.
4. The students didn’t study the poem well.
5. We don’t accept credit cards here.
6. Tim wasn’t planting trees at seven.
7. You shouldn’t water this plant daily.
8. They are not interviewing the applicants.

1. The new changes weren’t noticed.
2. The furniture won’t be delivered.
3. The taxes haven’t been collected yet.
4. This poem wasn’t studied well by the students.
5. Credit cards are not accepted here.
6. Trees were not being planted at seven.
7. This plant shouldn’t be watered daily.
8. The applicants are not being interviewed.

4- Change the underlined active verbs into the passive form:

1. Did the driver hit the boy yesterday?
2. Will the police question all the suspects?
3. Have you signed the house contract?
4. Do people speak English in Spain?
5. Who broke the vase in the sitting room?
6. Are you roasting chestnuts now?
7. Can you reach the top of this mountain?
8. Was Jim playing the piano very loudly?

1. Was the boy hit by the driver yesterday?
2. Will all the suspects be questioned by the police?
3. Has the house contract been signed?
4. Is English spoken in Spain?
5. Who was the vase in the sitting room broken by?
6. Are chestnuts being roasted now?
7. Can the top of this mountain be reached?
8. Was the piano being played very loudly?

5- Change the underlined active verbs into the passive form:

1. The secretary gave Martin some letters.
2. My friend has sent me an invitation.
3. Mike is showing Laura some pictures.
4. Kevin will buy Jane a new car next week.
5. Joe always lends Tom some money.
6. The company will pay him a lot of money.
7. Will the college award Dan a scholarship?
8. The court denies the criminal some rights.

  1. Martin was given some letters by the secretary. / Some letters were given to Martin by the secretary.
  2. I was sent an invitation by my friend. / An invitation was sent to me by my friend.
  3. Laura is being shown some pictures by Mike. / Some pictures are being shown to Laura by Mike.
  4. Jane will be bought a new car by Kevin next week. / A new car will be bought to Jane by Kevin next week.
  5. Tom is always lent some money by Joe. / Some money is always lent to Tom by Joe.
  6. He will be paid a lot of money by the company. / A lot of money will be paid to him by the company.
  7. Will Dan be awarded a scholarship be the college?/ Will a scholarship be awarded to Dan by the college?
  8. The criminal is denied some rights by the court. / Some rights are denied to criminal by the court.

6- Fill in “by” or “with”.

Use by when it is important to mention the agent or the person who performed the action.
The little boy was rescued by a stranger.
Use with for objects which perform actions.
Backgammon is played with dice.

  1. The fox was hunted ………………… a gun.
  2. Mat will be trained …………… a good teacher.
  3. The book is written …………… a famous author.
  4. He was hit on his head ……………… a stone.
  5. Passports are checked ……………… the police.
  6. The island is surrounded ……………… water.

  1. The fox was hunted with a gun.
  2. Mat will be trained by a good teacher.
  3. The book is written by a famous author.
  4. He was hit on his head with a stone.
  5. Passports are checked by the police.
  6. The island is surrounded with water.

    7- Change the underlined active verbs into the passive form:

1- People eat a lot of fast food these days.

2- The company will advertise the new product on TV next month.

3- The teacher shouted at Jill at school today.

4- People make salads from different kinds of vegetables.

5- They won’t have completed building the bridge by the end of the month.

6- Had Mira checked the mail before she went to school?

7- Hundreds of dissidents are seeking refuge in the US embassy.

8- Millions of tourists visit Rome every year.

9- Do you usually feed your chickens corn?

10-Wind and rain have eroded the statues into shapeless stones.

11-When did they show the news of the earthquake on TV?

12-Adam hadn’t expected Kate to come on time by the time he got home.

13-Can you tell me the way to the park?

14-You need to polish the shoes regularly to protect the leather.

15-Sally was taking care of the children during the interview with the press.

16- Dianne is choosing a new dress right now.

  1. A lot of fast food is eaten these days.
  2. The new product will be advertised on TV next month.
  3. Jill was shouted at by the teacher today.
  4. Salads are made from different kinds of vegetables.
  5. Building the bridge won’t have been completed by the end of the month.
  6. Was the mail checked by Mira before she went to school?
  7. Refuge in the US embassy is being sought by hundreds of dissidents.
  8. Rome is visited by millions of tourists every year.
  9. Is your chicken usually fed corn?
  10. The statues were eroded into shapeless stones with wind and rain.
  11. When was the news of the earthquake shown on TV?
  12. Kate hadn’t been expected to come on time by the time Adam got home.
  13. Can I be told the way to the park?
  14. The shoes need to be polished regularly to protect the leather.
  15. The children were taken care of by Sally during the interview with the press.
  16. A new dress is being chosen by Dianne right now.



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