IELTS ESSAY TEMPLATE-discuss both views and give your opinion


No one can deny that some people believe that (first view), while others prefer to think that (second view). It is important to admit that both views have their own benefits. In this essay I will discuss the possible reasons that support each view, and what  benefits they bring to the society.


On the one hand, the option to think that (first view) has its benefits for many convincing reasons. Most importantly, (1st reason). The perfect example to illustrate this is… (example). Anther key reason is (2nd reason). A good example is… (example). Furthermore, it is also important to mention that. (3rd reason). For instance, (example)

On the other hand, despite the above argument, other people choose to believe that (second view) has also its advantages for obvious reasons. Firstly, (1st reason). A good interpretation of this is (example). Secondly, (2nd reason). The best example is… (example). Thirdly, (3rd reason). One of the many examples is… (example).


In conclusion, it seems to me that (view 1 or 2) is a good idea because its benefits outweigh its drawbacks on the whole.

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