IELTS ESSAY TEMPLATE-agree – disagree


To agree or disagree with the statement that (summary of the question) is  an important issue. Putting the discussion in a wider context, (a few words about the subject) has always been debatable. Even though some people think that (the idea which you dont like) , I wholeheartedly believe that (the idea which you like). First I will discuss some arguments supporting my ideas about this statement, after which some aspects against that will be presented.


 On the one hand, many people agree with this statement for many noteworthy reasons. The most remarkable is that (reason 1………….).For instance, (example). Therefore, ……… Another key reason is that (reason 2……..)For example, (example). Consequently,…………


On the other hand, other people disagree with this statement for many reasons. The most important is that (reason 1……..) .As an example, (example).Therefore,………. One more reason to disagree with the statement is that (reason 2……) .The best example (example). Consequently,…………


 All in all, when all the specific reasons and relevant examples are considered and evaluated,  I strongly  agree with the idea supporting this statement because its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.


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