Elementary Test 6 (multiple choice)

Elementary Test 6 (multiple choice)

202. She … a successful businesswoman.
a) become
b) became
c) will became
203. He … him 300 dollars yesterday.
a) give
b) gave
c) have given
204. They … fairly famous.
a) isn’t
b) becomes
c) became
205. I … it online while searching for something else.
a) find
b) found
c) have been finding
206. We … our money in a local bank.
a) keeps
b) kept
c) doesn’t keep
207. Our colleague … it near the computer.
a) put
b) to put
c) have put
208. They … our little secret.
a) keeps
b) kept
c) didn’t kept
209. She … him one more chance.
a) given
b) gave
c) giving
210. He … it on the desk.
a) putting
b) put
c) has put
211. They … the latest news.
a) hear
b) heard
c) heared
212. It … his abilities two days ago.
a) show
b) shown
c) showed
213. That thing … a lot to us.
a) mean
b) meant
c) don’t mean
214. It … me how professional they were.
a) show
b) showed
c) have showed
215. Our conference … much later than expected.
a) began
b) begun
c) is beginning
216. She … Russia last year.
a) leave
b) left
c) will leave
217. I … it for the first time. I was surprised.
a) hearing
b) heard
c) am hearing
218. It … the following thing.
a) meant
b) mean
c) meaning
219. I … my bag at home unfortunately.
a) leaves
b) left
c) forget
220. The conference … on time.
a) begin
b) begun
c) began
221. They … in the sea.
a) swims
b) swam
c) swum
222. I … for this service.
a) pays
b) paid
c) has to pay
223. The company … for the goods and services.
a) paid
b) pay
c) payed
224. His assistant manager … his correspondence.
a) to read
b) read
c) readed
225. He … you very well.
a) understand
b) understood
c) have understood
226. We … in the ocean that day.
a) swum
b) swam
c) swim
227. They … everything immediately.
a) understood
b) understands
c) understanded
228. She … him a letter.
a) wrote
b) written
c) write
229. His girlfriend … a long letter to him. It was something bad.
a) write
b) writes
c) wrote
230. Finally, he … her letter.
a) read
b) reading
c) have read
231. The price … sharply yesterday.
a) fall
b) fell
c) fallen
232. I … her a billet-doux.
a) sends
b) sent
c) sending
233. She … down.
a) fell
b) fallen
c) falled
234. I … up in Europe.
a) grown
b) grew
c) have grew
235. She … behind him waiting for something.
a) stand
b) stood
c) standing
236. My grandmother … vegetables in her own garden.
a) grow
b) grew
c) grown
237. He … her flowers last week.
a) send
b) sent
c) have sent
238. They … English.
a) speaks
b) spoke
c) doesn’t speak
239. She … Italian.
a) spoke
b) speak
c) don’t speak
240. I … up.
a) stands
b) stood
c) has stood
241. They … so beautifully.
a) sang
b) sung
c) singing
242. I … more than 15 kilometers.
a) ran
b) runs
c) could ran
243. She … to call my uncle.
a) forget
b) have forgot
c) forgot
244. Her parents … her go to the party.
a) let
b) letting
c) doesn’t let
245. I … to lock the front door.
a) forgotten
b) forgot
c) has forgotten
246. Her mother … him stay at home.
a) to let
b) let
c) letting
247. I … down.
a) sat
b) sitting
c) sits
248. The old lady … in an armchair.
a) sitting
b) sat
c) have sat
249. She … very fast.
a) run
b) don’t run
c) ran
250. You … professionally.
a) sang
b) sung
c) doesn’t sing







202.b 203.b 204.c 205.b 206.b 207.a 208.b
209.b 210.b 211.b 212.c 213.b 214.b 215.a 216.b 217.b
218.a 219.b 220.c 221.b 222.b 223.a 224.b 225.b 226.b
227.a 228.a 229.c 230.a 231.b 232.b 233.a 234.b 235.b
236.b 237.b 238.b 239.a 240.b 241.a 242.a 243.c 244.a
245.b 246.b 247.a 248.b 249.c 250.a



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