Elementary Test 1 (multiple choice)

Elementary Test 1 (multiple choice)

1.It really … you.
a) help
b) helps
c) do help
2.They … it very well.
a) know
b) knows
c) can knows
3. I see they … this city.
a) like
b) likes
c) liking
4. Unfortunately, it sometimes … .
a) happens
b) happen
c) hapens
5. She … there.
a) live
b) lifes
c) lives
6. We … very hard.
a) work
b) works
c) is working
7. She … English fluently.
a) speaks
b) speak
c) spokes
8. They … business.
a) does
b) do
c) doing
9. She … English at kindergarten.
a) study
b) studys
c) studies
10. I … so, too.
a) think
b) thinks
c) are thinking
11. The news … quite interesting.
a) seems
b) seem
c) are
12. My friend … a fairly good computer.
a) has
b) have
c) haves
13. The ticket … 75 pence.
a) cost
b) costs
c) is costing
14. These flats … 400,000 dollars.
a) cost
b) cost
c) costed
15. Our new teacher … a lot.
a) know
b) is knowning
c) knows
16. This lesson … interesting.
a) looks
b) look
c) seem
17. My closest friends … this movie.
a) likes
b) like
c) enjoys
18. Your girlfriend always … interesting things.
a) says
b) say
c) think
19. This software … very well.
a) work
b) works
c) working
20. My sister … to university.
a) goes
b) go
c) gone
21. It … interest her.
a) doesn’t
b) don’t
c) wasn’t
22. She … want to do it again.
a) don’t
b) doesn’t
c) isn’t
23. I … believe her.
a) doesn’t
b) don’t
c) am not
24. We … know what to say.
a) don’t
b) doesn’t
c) not
25. She … tell them all the truth.
a) doesn’t
b) don’t
c) aren’t

26. I … know all the information.
a) don’t
b) doesn’t
c) not
27. He … have any brothers or sisters.
a) don’t
b) isn’t
c) doesn’t
28. She … earn this sum of money.
a) doesn’t
b) don’t
c) haven’t
29. It … help me.
a) don’t
b) doesn’t
c) isn’t
30. They … believe you.
a) don’t
b) doesn’t
c) not






1.b 2.a 3.a 4.a 5.c 6.a 7.a 8.b 9.c 10.a
11.a 12.a 13.b 14.b 15.c 16.a 17.b 18.a 19.b 20.a
21.a 22.b 23.b 24.a 25.a 26.a 27.c 28.a 29.b 30.a



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