- Past Simple
- Regular verbs, irregular verbs
- Time expressions

1. He _____ some new shoes last month.
A) bought
B) buying
C) buy
D) buys

2. Where _____ you _____ on holiday last year?
A) did / went
B) go / did
C) did / go
D) do / go

3. A: _____ you _____ Jane last month?
B: No, I _____ .
A) * / saw / didn’t
B) Did / see / didn’t
C) Did / saw / didn’t
D) Did / see / did

4. A: _____ did she _____ a job?
B: In the car factory.
A) When / get
B) Where / got
C) Who / get
D) Where / get

5. Max didn’t _____ yesterday afternoon; he _____ at home.
A) go out / stayed
B) go out / stay
C) went out / stayed
D) went out / stay

6. Geoffrey _____ French before, but he _____ at university now.
A) study didn’t / studies
B) didn’t study / study
C) did not study / studies
D) didn’t studied / studies

7. A: _____ did they have _____ lunch?
B: Soup & fish.
A) What / on
B) What / for
C) Where / in
D) Who / for

8. A: Where _____ you last week?
B: I _____ in Alabama.
A) were / were
B) was / is
C) were / was
D) was / were

9. I usually _____ for 6 hours a day, but I _____ for 8 hours yesterday.
A) work / worked
B) works / worked
C) worked / worked
D) work / work

10. Rosemary often _____ to work by bus, but she _____ to work by taxi
A) got / get
B) gets / got
C) get / got D) got / got

11. Bonny and Nick _____ tennis last weekend, but they rarely _____
A) played / play
B) play / play
C) play / plays
D) play / played

12. It _____ a lot in winter here, but it _____ last year.
A) snows / rains
B) snowed / rained
C) snow / rain
D) snows / rained
13. Last year it _____ for three months, but it _____ just for two weeks.
A) snows / rains
B) snowed / rained
C) snowing / raining
D) snow / raining

14. A: _____ it snow a little in winter in Holland?
B: Yes, it _____ . But last winter it _____ snow at all.
A) Do / do / didn’t
B) Does / do / doesn’t
C) Does / does / didn’t
D) Do / does / don’t

15. A: _____ you usually work for 8 hours a day?
B: Yes, I _____ . But last week I _____ for 8 hours a day.
A) Do / do / didn’t work
B) Do / did / didn’t worked
C) Did / did / don’t work
D) Do / did / don’t work

16. A: _____ Alex _____ you yesterday evening?
B: No, he _____ .
A) Did / helped / didn’t
B) Did / helped / did
C) Did / help / did
D) Did / help / didn’t
17. It _____ Jack’s birthday two days ago.
A) was
B) were
C) is
D) are

18. A: Who _____ you eat with?
B: Well, I _____ dinner with friends.
A) did / eat
B) did / eats
C) did / ate
D) did / eaten

19. Ann usually _____ to work, but yesterday she_____ .
A) drive / walks
B) drives / walked
C) drove / walked
D) drive / walk

20. It usually _____ a lot in winter but last year it _____ .
A) rains / snowed
B) rains / snows
C) rain / snowed
D) rain /snow

21. Ann and Max usually _____ sailing at weekends, but last weekend
they _____ tennis.
A) goes / played
B) go / played
C) went / play
D) went / played

22. My family left London and moved _____ a small village.
A) to
B) in
C) at
D) for

23. People all _____ the world speak English.
A) of
B) for
C) over
D) from

24. What do you know _____ George Washington?
A) with
B) about
C) for
D) off
25. Now she _____ alone, but when she was a child she _____ with her
mother and sisters.
A) live / lived
B) lives / lived
C) lived / lives
D) live / lived

26. Where _____ she live now ?
A) did
B) do
C) does
D) is

27. She _____ learn to read until she was 86.
A) didn’t
B) doesn’t
C) isn’t
D) don’t

28. Where _____ she live in 1950?
A) does
B) is
C) did
D) do

29. She _____ work when she was 8.
A) started
B) starts
C) start
D) starting

30. “_____ you like the film?”
“No, I _____ .”
A) Are / am not
B) Did / didn’t
C) Do / didn’t
D) Are / didn’t

31. She thinks _____ her past life.
A) off
B) for
C) about
D) with
32. He was tired _____ politics.
A) of
B) at
C) from
D) with

33. She died _____ a car crash.
A) at
B) for
C) in
D) on

34. People were afraid _____ her.
A) from
B) of
C) at
D) on

35. I _____ in Paris when I was six.
A) lived
B) live
C) living
D) lives

36. We _____ move to London.
A) did
B) didn’t
C) aren’t
D) isn’t

37. “When _____ you have your last holiday?”
“Last August.”
A) do
B) are
C) did
D) is

38. He _____ the school in 1994.
A) left
B) leaved
C) leave
D) leaves

39. He _____ his wife, Maria, in 1998.
A) met B) meted C) meet D) meets
40. In my bedroom there’s a bed _____ a wardrobe.
A) but
B) so
C) and
D) also

41. Millions of people _____ to London for her Funeral when he died.
A) come
B) coming
C) came
D) comes

42. Peter stayed _____ his grandmother _____ Christmas.
A) at / in
B) to / in
C) on / at
D) with/at

43. We arrived _____ the airport _____ New York _____ 5:45 am.
A) at / in / at
B) to / in / at
C) on / at / at
D) at / at / in

44. Speak _____ me in English. It’s good practice _____ us.
A) to / with
B) of / of
C) to / for
D) with / on

45. There’s a postman _____ a letter _____ you.
A) with / for
B) with / to
C) at / to
D) at / at

46. I often think _____ the day we met.
A) off
B) on
C) about
D) for
47. Tuncay Atakan is an English teacher. He _____ English.
A) teaching
B) like
C) teaches
D) study

48. ‘Was there anyone at the office yesterday?’
‘ No, ______.’
A) they weren’t
B) there isn’t
C) there wasn’t
D) they didn’t

49. ‘Did she go to the cinema last night?’
‘No, she ______.’
A) did
B) wasn’t
C) can’t
D) didn’t

50. ‘_____ they come by train?’
‘No, they came by plane.’
A) Do
B) Does
C) Were
D) Did

51. I came to live here three years _____ .
A) ago
B) before
C) last
D) always

52. _____ month I went to Paris.
A) This
B) That
C) Last
D) Next

53. In my family we _____ dinner at seven o’clock.
A) take
B) do
C) go
D) have
54. There’s a bank _____ the bookshop.
A) between
B) on
C) opposite
D) straight ahead

55. I usually take the car because I don’t like _____ .
A) working
B) running
C) going
D) walking

56. We _____ in a hotel in Frankfurt.
A) stayed
B) was
C) spent
D) had

57. ‘Where can I buy some medicine?’
‘At the _____ in Cook Street.’
A) chemist’s
B) bank
C) market
D) baker’s

58. ‘______ ?’
‘He’s very nice.’
A) What does he look like?
B) What’s he like?
C) How is he?
D) How does he look?


1-A 2-C 3-B 4-D 5-A 6-C 7-B 8-C

9-A 10-B 11-A 12-D 13-B 14-C 15-A 16-D

17-A 18-C 19-B 20-A 21-B 22-A 23-C 24-B

25-B 26-C 27-A 28-C 29-A 30-B 31-C 32-A

33-C 34-B 35-A 36-B 37-C 38-A 39-A 40-C

41-C 42-D 43-A 44-C 45-A 46-C 47-C 48-C

49-D 50-D 51-A 52-C 53-D 54-C 55-D 56-A

57-A 58-B



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