– Present Simple – Verbs
– Leisure activities – Prepositions
– Telling the time – Wh Questions

1. What _____ you _____ at the weekend?
A) does / does
B) do / does
C) does / do
D) do / do

2. What _____ Dick and Tom like _____?
A) do / doing
B) doing / *
C) do / do
D) does / doing

3. Do boys like _____ jeans?
A) wear
B) wearing
C) to wear
D) worn

4. My classmates _____ on picnic every month.
A) went
B) goes
C) going
D) go

5. Mary _____ face every morning.
A) washes his
B) wash my
C) washes her
D) washes their

6. I _____ a cigarette, but my teacher _____ smoke.
A) don’t / smokes
B) smoke / doesn’t
C) smokes / smokes
D) smoke / don’t

7. They _____ wash _____ car every day.
A) don’t / my B) don’t / his
C) don’t / their D) don’t / our
8. My parents _____ eat meat.
A) don’t
B) aren’t
C) doesn’t
D) are

9. Summer holidays _____ in June.
A) begins
B) begin
C) beginning
D) began

10. We _____ tennis on Monday evenings, but my little sister _____ on
A) play / play
B) plays / plays
C) play / plays
D) plays / play

11. You _____ a lot of things in _____ free time.
A) do / our
B) does / your
C) do / my
D) do / your

12. My cat licks _____ tail every evening. But my dogs never lick _____
A) its / their
B) its / its
C) their / its
D) * / *

13. I like _____ football, but my brother doesn’t.
A) play
B) played
C) playing
D) plays

14. She likes _____ TV, but her husband doesn’t.
A) watching B) to watch
C) watches D)watched
15. Her sister doesn’t _____ eating a hamburger.
A) like
B) likes
C) liking
D) liked

16. Do you like _____ in your free time?
A) read
B) reads
C) to read
D) reading

17. I like _____ but I _____ like swimming.
A) sailing / don’t
B) sail / doesn’t
C) sail / don’t
D) sail / do

18. Tom _____ her but she doesn’t like _____ .
A) like / her
B) likes / him
C) likes / he
D) like / him

19. Andrew buys a newspaper everyday. _____ reads _____ at home.
A) It / he
B) Him / it
C) He / it
D) His / it

20. Mike eats cheeseburgers because _____ likes _____ .
A) he / their
B) him / they
C) he / them
D) him / them
21. “What time is it?”
A) It is quarter past three.
B) It is fifteen past four.
C) It is quarter to four.
D) It is fifteen to four.
22. It is half past eight.
A) 8:30
B) 7:30
C) 18:30
D) 17:30

23. It is quarter past eight.
A) 8:30
B) 7:30
C) 8:15
D) 17:15

24. It is five to nine.
A) 9:55
B) 9:35
C) 8:55
D) 9:05

25. It is five past nine.
A) 9:55
B) 9:35
C) 8:55
D) 9:05

26. A friend of mine likes _____ on picnic at weekends.
A) to go
B) going
C) goes
D) go

27. I _____ my teeth every morning.
A) brushing
B) brush
C) brushes
D) to brush

28. _____ Kate live near Jane?
A) Is
B) Are
C) Do
D) Does

29. His father _____ , but Bill’s father _____ smoke.
A) smokes / don’t B) smokes / doesn’t
C) smoke / don’t D) smokes / isn’t
30. My father _____ driving.
A) doesn’t likes
B) don’t likes
C) doesn’t like
D) don’t like

31. She _____ a bus to university.
A) always takes
B) always take
C) takes always
D) take always

32. I _____ to a football match every Sunday but my father _____ .
A) go / don’t
B) goes / doesn’t
C) go / doesn’t
D) goes / don’t

33. Every year millions of people _____ The London Museum.
A) visit
B) go
C) come
D) want

34. The Buckingham Palace _____ lots of rooms.
A) have
B) has
C) to have
D) having

35. Visitors _____ to India ‘s Independence Day from all over the world.
A) visit
B) come
C) leave
D) goes

36. I _____ English, Russian, and Romanian, but I _____ Chinese.
A) speak / don’t speak
B) speaks / speak
C) speaks / speaks
D) speaks / don’t speak
37. Many foreigners in our country _____ to the Golden Bazaar.
A) buy
B) go shopping
C) want
D) come

38. A: What _____ you _____ ?
B: An architect.
A) do / do
B) does / do
C) are / do
D) do / are

39. A: What _____ your niece _____ ?
B: A nurse.
A) do / do
B) does / is
C) does / do
D) is / do

40. A: Where _____ your parents _____ ?
B: In the Ministry of Education.
A) do / do
B) do / work
C) are / work
D) work / *

41. A: _____ languages do they speak?
B: Just one.
A) What
B) B) How many
C) C) How
D) D) Which
42. A: Do you _____ Afghani?
B: No, _____ .
A) speak / you don’t
B) speak / I don’t
C) speak / don’t I
D) speaks / don’t speak

43. A: _____ does Margaret start work?
B: At 7 in the morning.
A) What time B) What kind
C) What sort D) What about
44. A: _____ do your brothers like working in this factory?
B: Because they earn much money.
A) What
B) When
C) Why
D) Whom

45. _____ he like his job?
A) Does
B) Do
C) Is
D) Are

46. I _____ an accountant.
A) do
B) does
C) am
D) is

47. _____ New York exciting?
A) Are
B) Do
C) Does
D) Is

48. Where _____ they live?
A) are
B) do
C) does
D) is

49. Why _____ you want to learn English?
A) do
B) are
C) *
D) is

50. We _____ Algerians.
A) does
B) are
C) do
D) am
51. What _____ he do at weekends?
A) do B) is
C) does D) are
52. He plays football _____ Friday mornings.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) of

53. Do you relax _____ weekends?
A) at
B) on
C) in
D) by

54. Where do you go _____ holiday?
A) at
B) in
C) of
D) on

55. I like _____ .
A) cooks
B) cooking
C) cook
D) cooked

56. She gets up early _____ the morning.
A) on
B) in
C) at
D) by

57. She gets up early _____ the weekdays.
A) at
B) of
C) on
D) in

58. He takes photos only _____ spring.
A) in
B) at
C) on
D) by

59. He hates _____ football _____ television.
A) watching / on B) to watch / in
C) watch / on D) watching / in
60. They like _____ very much.
A) sail
B) sailed
C) sailing
D) sail

61. My brother’s birthday is _____ March.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) to

62. The train leaves Paris _____ 4 p.m.
A) in
B) at
C) on
D) by

63. Vancouver is very cold _____ winter.
A) at
B) in
C) on
D) to

64. Sometimes we _____ cards.
A) plays
B) playing
C) play
D) to play

65. She never _____ meat.
A) eats
B) eating
C) eat
D) to eat
66. We always _____ lemonade in the evenings.
A) to drink
B) has
C) drinking
D) have
67. A: I’m sorry. I’m late.
B: _____ Come and sit down.
A) Excuse me!
B) Don’t worry!
C) What’s the matter?
D) Why are you late?

68. A- _____ your wife _____ English?
B- Yes, she does.
A) Do / speak
B) Does / speaking
C) Does / speak
D) Do / speaking

69. “How many languages _____ you _____ ?”
“Three: English, German and Spanish.”
A) does / speak
B) do / speak
C) do / speaking
D) does / speaking

70. Why _____ you like _____ in the hotel?
A) do / working
B) do / work
C) does / working
D) does / work

71. They never go out _____ Friday evenings .
A) on
B) in
C) at
D) by

72. She loves _____ to music.
A) listening
B) to listen
C) listens
D) listen

73. They often eat in a restaurant ___ Tuesdays.
A) on B) in
C) of D) at
74. _____ summer I play tennis _____ Sundays.
A) In / in
B) At / on
C) In / on
D) At / in

75. “Do Mr. Adams and his daughter like going _____ ?”
“No, they _____ .”
A) ski / don’t
B) skiing / don’t
C) skiing / do
D) ski / does

76. “_____ they _____ a winter holiday?”
“Yes, they do.”
A) Do / wanting
B) Does / want
C) Do / want
D) Does / wanting

77. What time ____ you go to bed?
A) do
B) does
C) is
D) have

78. “_____ do you do your homework?”
“After dinner.”
A) Where
B) What
C) How
D) When

79. “_____ you go out on Friday evenings?”
“Yes, I do sometimes.”
A) Do
B) Where
C) Are
D) Does

80. “_____ do you like your job?”
“Because it’s interesting.”
A) Why B) What
C) How D) Where
81. “_____ do you travel to school?”
“By bus.”
A) How
B) What
C) Why
D) Where

82. “____ ____ you live with?”
“With my mother and sisters.”
A) What / do
B) Who / do
C) Where / does
D) Who / does

83. “_____ do you _____ on Sundays?”
“I always relax.”
A) How / doing
B) What / do
C) Where / does
D) What / relax

84. “_____ do you _____ on holiday?”
“To Rome or Paris.”
A) Where / like
B) How / relax
C) Where / go
D) Why / go


1-D 2-A 3-B 4-D 5-C 6-B 7-C 8-A

9-B 10-C 11-D 12-A 13-C 14-A 15-A 16-D

17-A 18-B 19-C 20-C 21-C 22-A 23-C 24-C

25-D 26-B 27-B 28-D 29-B 30-C 31-A 32-C

33-A 34-B 35-B 36-A 37-B 38-A 39-C 40-B

41-B 42-B 43-A 44-C 45-A 46-C 47-D 48-B

49-A 50-B 51-C 52-B 53-A 54-D 55-B 56-B

57-C 58-A 59-A 60-C 61-A 62-B 63-B 64-C

65-A 66-D 67-B 68-C 69-B 70-A 71-A 72-A

73-A 74-C 75-B 76-C 77-A 78-D 79-A 80-A

81-A 82-B 83-B 84-C



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