– Present Simple: Positive, Negative, Question

– Verbs – Jobs

– Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives

1. She _____ a uniform.
A) wear
B) to wear
C) wearing
D) wears
2. He _____ his car every weekend.
A) wash
B) washes
C) washing
D) washed

3. Rosemary _____ three languages.
A) speaks
B) talks
C) tells
D) know

4. My dad _____ at 7 o’clock everyday.
A) stands up
B) looks up
C) gets up
D) jumps up

5. Isabel is a flight attendant. She _____ passengers.
A) serve
B) to serve
C) serves
D) serving

6. Their son _____ in this hospital.
A) works
B) begins
C) starts
D) likes

7. Jim’s a postman. He _____ letters to people.
A) answers
B) works
C) delivers
D) serves

8. Jane’s a doctor. She _____ ill people.
A) looks at
B) speaks to
C) helps
D) serves drinks
9. Bern _____ in a flat in Birmingham.
A) lives
B) stands
C) has
D) wants

10. Nancy’s uncle is a pilot. He _____ all over the world.
A) goes
B) sees
C) travels
D) delivers

11. In winter Sheila _____ skiing and in summer _____ tennis.
A) makes / plays
B) goes / plays
C) does / plays
D) starts / *

12. My friend’s son _____ Turkish and English at university.
A) has
B) plays
C) studies
D) goes

13. Most of the people _____ work at 8 o’clock every morning.
A) finishes
B) goes
C) does
D) starts

14. A: _____ does Tony Blair live?
B: In Great Britain.
A) When
B) Where
C) What time
D) How

15. _____ does your father do in his free time?
A) Why
B) What kind
C) How many
D) What
16. _____ does Andy’s little brother play with?
A) Who
B) Why
C) How old
D) Where

17. A: _____ does Natalie’s nephew do?
B: He’s an architect.
A) How
B) Whom
C) When D) What

18. A: _____ does it rain here?
B: Mostly in summer and winter.
A: _____ snow?
B: In winter.
A) When / Why
B) Why / How
C) What time / Whom
D) When / What about

19. A: _____ does Anthony go to work?
B: _____ bus.
A) How / By
B) How well / On
C) What kind / In
D) How / In

20. She _____ from England.
A) come
B) comes
C) don’t come
D) goes
21. _____ she _____ French?
A) Do / speaks
B) Does / speaks
C) Does / speak
D) Is / speak

22. She _____ _____ from America.
A) don’t comes
B) doesn’t come
C) doesn’t comes
D) does comes
23. Every time he _____ a glass of lemonade before breakfast.
A) is
B) have
C) has
D) does

24. _____ he _____ three children?
A) Does / have
B) Does / has
C) Do / have
D) Has / have

25. _____ a shower.
A) Come
B) Go
C) Have
D) Has

26. _____ the phone.
A) Go
B) Read
C) Look
D) Answer

27. She _____ a white coat.
A) wear
B) wears
C) does wear
D) have

28. _____ a magazine.
A) Go
B) Read
C) Live
D) Has

29. Our teacher gives _____ a lot of homework.
A) our
B) us
C) her
D) his

30. He _____ television every evening.
A) watch B) watches
C) see D) buy
31. At ten we go _____ bed.
A) in
B) on
C) to
D) sleep

32. He picks up the apples _____ the tree.
A) for
B) from
C) on
D) at

33. Get _____ the bus.
A) on
B) in
C) to
D) out

34. She lives _____ Switzerland.
A) at
B) on
C) in
D) city

35. A nurse looks _____ people in hospital.
A) at
B) for
C) after
D) helps

36. There’s a letter _____ you.
A) for
B) to
C) about
D) on

37. Tourists come _____ boat.
A) by
B) to
C) of
D) with

38. He drives the children _____ school.
A) of
B) at
C) to
D) go
39. He speaks to people _____ his radio.
A) at
B) on
C) of
D) in

40. She likes going _____ walks _____ summer.
A) for / at
B) to / at
C) for / in
D) on / at

41. She goes skiing _____ her free time.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) of

42. He works _____ an undertaker.
A) as
B) for
C) of
D) in

43. “Does she live in Australia?”
“No, she _____.”
A) do
B) does
C) don’t
D) doesn’t

44. We _____ _____ watching television.
A) doesn’t like
B) do like
C) doesn’t like
D) don’t like

45. He _____ to help people.
A) flies
B) likes
C) runs
D) swims

46. _____ _____ languages does she speak?
A) How much
B) How many
C) Why
D) Where

47. _____ sells things.
A) A postman
B) A nurse
C) A doctor
D) A shopkeeper

48. A barman _____.
A) sells things
B) serves drinks
C) delivers letters
D) drinks a lot

49. _____ _____ looks after money.
A) A nurse
B) A postman
C) An accountant
D) A dentist

50. __________ designs buildings.
A) A pilot
B) An architect
C) An interpreter
D) An engineer

51. He lives ____ an island _____ the west of Scotland.
A) on / in
B) in / in
C) on / on
D) in / at

52. She’s married _____ an American man.
A) with
B) for
C) to
D) on
53. He _____ listening _____ music.
A) like / to B) likes / to
C) likes / of D) likes / with

54. “How _____ he _____ to work?”
“By car.”
A) do / go
B) does / goes
C) does / go
D) does / play

55. Anna likes Joanna, but Maria doesn’t like _____.
A) her
B) them
C) your
D) their

56. That’s my dictionary. Can I have ___ back please?
A) it
B) you
C) them
D) my

57. Philippe _____ in London.
A) work
B) starts
C) comes
D) lives

58. “_____ he married?”
“No, he _____.”
A) Is / doesn’t
B) Does / isn’t
C) Is / isn’t
D) Does / is

59. “What _____ she do?”
“She is an interpreter.”
A) is
B) do
C) does
D) are

60. _____ he sleep well?
A) Has

B) Have

C) Do

D) Does


1-D 2-B 3-A 4-C 5-C 6-A 7-C 8-C

9-A 10-C 11-B 12-C 13-D 14-B 15-D 16-A

17-D 18-D 19-A 20-B 21-C 22-B 23-C 24-A

25-C 26-D 27-B 28-B 29-B 30-B 31-C 32-B

33-A 34-C 35-C 36-A 37-A 38-C 39-B 40-C

41-A 42-A 43-D 44-D 45-B 46-B 47-D 48-B

49-C 50-B 51-A 52-C 53-B 54-C 55-A 56-A

57-D 58-C 59-C 60-D



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