TEST ON TENSES -30(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -30(with key)

1- George ……. to get Sally to marry him for years when, finally, she……. him by saying, “Yes”.
A) had been trying/surprised
B) tried/was surprising
C) has tried/surprises
D) was trying/will be surprising
E) will be trying/has surprised

2- My friend ……. for an ice hockey team that ……. only one match this season. It’s no wonder that he is not very happy there with them.
A) was playing/is winning
B) has played/had won
C) has been playing/wins
D) played/will be winning
E) plays/has won

3- Ferdinand Magellan ……. out to sail around the world in 1519. Before then, no one ……. to do that.
A) was setting/has attempted
B) has set/was attempting
C) will have set/attempted
D) had set/will have attempted
E) set/had attempted

4- Though Magellan himself ……. along the way, one of his five ships ……. the voyage in 1522.
A) had died/has completed
B) died/completed
C) was dying/completes
D) dies/is completing
E) has died/was completing

5- In the year 2022, it ……. 500 years since that memorable voyage ……. .
A) is/has ended
B) has been/was ending
C) will have been/ended
D) had been/ends
E) will be/is ending

6- George claims that he ……. a novel for five years, but I don’t think that he ……. it ever.
A) wrote/is finishing
B) has written/had finished
C) writes/was finishing
D) has been writing/will finish
E) will have written/finishes

7- Trains ……. since early in the 19th century and they still ……. one of the best ways of transportation.
A) existed/will provide
B) are existing/will be providing
C) were existing/have provided
D) exist/are providing
E) have existed/provide

8- My father ……. forward to retiring for years, but once he was a retired person, he ……. bored quickly.
A) looks/has become
B) was looking/becomes
C) has been looking/is becoming
D) had looked/became
E) is looking/will become

9- Fred ……. with us any more because they ……. him to head of the London branch.
A) won’t be working/have appointed
B) hasn’t worked/appointed
C) didn’t work/are appointing
D) won’t have worked/appoint
E) doesn’t work/were appointing

10- For the last two weeks, Sandra …… about her exams so much that her hair ……. out because of stress.
A) worries/has fallen
B) has been worrying/is falling
C) was worrying/had fallen
D) is worrying/had been falling
E) worried/will have fallen


















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