TEST ON TENSES -28(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -28(with key)

1- We ....... a new car, but we couldn't because we ....... how expensive they were.
A) were buying/won't realise
B) have bought/don't realise
C) had bought/haven't realised
D) were going to buy/hadn't realised
E) bought/won't have realised

2- When Cyprus ....... an independent republic in 1960, it ....... a British colony since 1892.
A) became/had been
B) was becoming/has been
C) has become/was
D) had become/was being
E) becomes/will have been

3- I'm sure you ....... badly in your exams because you ....... hard enough lately.
A) are doing/hadn't studied
B) have done/won't study
C) will do/haven't been studying
D) do/won't have been studying
E) did/don't study

4- When the judge ....... to all of the arguments, he ....... to postpone the hearing until another time.
A) was listening/decides
B) listens/has decided
C) has listened/was deciding
D) had listened/decided
E) will listen/is deciding

5- We ....... at the traffic lights when the bus ....... into us from behind.
A) were walling/crashed
B) had waited/has crashed
C) waited/was crashing
D) have waited/had been crashing
E) are waiting/will crash

6- Even Thomas Edison, the inventor of the gramophone, ....... what people ....... it for.
A) didn't know/were going to use
B) hadn't known/are using
C) wouldn't know/use
D) hadn't known/used
E) doesn't know/had been using

7- The United States ....... the world's only super-power since the Soviet Union ....... in the late 1980s.
A) is/has collapsed
B) was/was collapsing
C) has been/collapsed
D) will have been/would collapse
E) had been/collapses

8- Archaeologists ....... under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, but political protests ....... the excavations.
A) have excavated/will block
B) were excavating/had been blocking
C) excavate/are blocking
D) had excavated/will have blocked
E) were going to excavate/blocked

9- The defendant ....... that he ....... the pub before the crime was committed,
A) was swearing/leaves
B) swore/had left
C) swears/will have left
D) was going to swear/is leaving
E) will be swearing/has left

10- It is final exam time, and the students ....... so hard that they . forward to the vacation.
A) have been working/are looking
B) will work/looked
C) are working/had been looking
D) work/have looked
E) have worked/were looking


















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