TEST ON TENSES -27(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -27(with key)

1- Winter, the most unpredictable of all seasons in Istanbul, sometimes ....... as early as October and ....... until April.
A) began/has lasted
B) will begin/is lasting
C) began/will have lasted
D) begins/was lasting
E) begins/lasts

2- People ....... down all the world's rain forests before the authorities ....... any action.
A) have cut/took
B) will have cut/take
C) will be culling/will take
D) are cutting/have taken
E) had cut/are taking

3- In 1865 the northern states of the United States ....... the southern states, which ....... to break away and form a separate nation.
A) were defeating/have attempted
B) defeated/had attempted
C) defeat/were attempting
D) have defeated/attempted
E) had defeated/have been attempting

4- Although a number of nuclear power plants ....... safely for years, public concern about the potential dangers of nuclear power ....... it from becoming a major electricity producer.
A) have been operating/has prevented
B) are operating/prevented
C) had operated/will prevent
D) operated/had been preventing
E) were operating/was preventing

5- No one ....... in climbing the world's highest mountain, Everest, before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay ....... it in 1953.
A) was succeeding/have been doing
B) succeeded/were doing
C) has succeeded/have done
D) had succeeded/did
E) had been succeeding/had done

6- As late as the 1960s, only a few specialists ....... how to use computers, but now computer programming ....... one of the most popular professions in the world.
A) were going to know/becomes
B) had known/became
C) knew/has become
D) will have known/will become
E) have known/is becoming

7- Searchers ....... to be confident that they ....... the missing climbers before nightfall.
A) are appearing/find
B) appear/will have found
C) were appearing/are finding
D) will appear/had found
E) had appeared/have found

8- Some people think that robots, which ....... an important role in automobile manufacture already, ....... most of our physical work for us soon.
A) had played/are doing
B) played/have done
C) are playing/will be doing
D) were playing/will have done
E) had been playing/do

9- Even after colonialism ....... early in the second half of the 2Oth century, many former colonies ....... to use the language of their former rulers.
A) ended/continued
B) has ended/were continuing
C) had ended/have been continuing
D) was ending/had continued
E) has ended/have continued

10- I hope the pond ....... over by Christmas, so we can go skating when our cousins ....... to visit.
A) will be freezing/have come
B) is freezing/are coming
C) had frozen/were coming
D) has frozen/came
E) will have frozen/come









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