TEST ON TENSES -24(with key)

TEST ON TENSES -24(with key)

1- As the police ……. the road, we ……. a time-consuming detour around the mountain.
A) are dosing/were making
B) will close/had made
C) had closed/made
D) will have closed/had been making
E) close/have made

2- I ……. some shopping during my lunch break, but I couldn’t as I … awful because of my cold.
A) was going to do/fell
B) have done/have felt
C) will do/am feeling
D) did/was feeling
E) do/will have felt

3- By the time the work on their house is finished, they ……. the painters, decorators and carpenters a total of £8,000. They ……. a beautiful new kitchen, though.
A) are paying/have had
B) paid/are having
C) had paid/were having
D) will have paid/will have
E) have paid/have

4- I feel certain that Greg ……. in his new business because he ……. so hard all the time.
A) is succeeding/will work
B) will succeed/works
C) was succeeding/is going to work
D) had succeeded/will be working
E) has succeeded/had worked

5- Before Petar Preradovic ……. poems in his native Croatian, he ……. all his poems in German.
A) has published/is writing
B) is publishing/was writing
C) published/had written
D) had published/will have written
E) has been publishing/has written

6- I ……. some notes earlier and ……. to them during my presentation. In the event, however, I didn’t use them once.
A) will have written/will refer
B) am going to write/refer
C) had written/was going to refer
D) wrote/have referred
E) write/will have referred

7- Because of Istanbul’s geographical location, it ……. a place of trade since civilisation ……
A) is/was beginning
B) was/has begun
C) will be/had begun
D) had been/is beginning
E) has been/began

8- When Boris Yeltsin ……. on 31st December 1999, he ……. President of Russia for eight years.
A) had resigned/was
B) has resigned/is
C) will have resigned /will be
D) resigned/had been
E) resigns/is being

9- The circumference of a circle ……. 3.14159265 times its diameter no matter how small or large it is.
A) measures
B) measured
C) will be measuring
D) had measured
E) was measuring

10- At present, British farmers ……. to the government because since the EC lifted the ban on British beef, the French ……. to buy any.
A) were protesting/refused
B) are protesting/have refused
C) had protested/were refusing
D) will protest/refuse
E) protest/will be refusing






1. C




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