TEST ON TENSES -20 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -20 (with key)

1- The phrase "post modernism" .......about fifty years ago, but most people still ....... what it means.
A) was appearing/haven't known
B) has appeared/don't know .
C) appeared/don't know
D) appears/didn't know
E) has been appearing/haven't Known

2- People who ....... items like bottles and cans ....... the world's resources.
A) aren't recycling/wasted
B) didn't recycle/waste
C) haven't been recycling/were wasting
D) don't recycle/are wasting
E) haven't recycled/wasted

3- The President ....... too hard lately, and as a result, he ....... terrible.
A) has been working/looks
B) has worked/looked
C) worked/is looking
D) works/has looked
E) is working/was looking

4- I ....... to play the lottery about two years ago, but I ....... anything yet.
A) was starting/didn't win
B) started/haven't won
C) start/haven't been winning
D) have started/don't win
E) am starting/wasn't winning

5- I ....... in Istanbul for so long that I....... the time before the Bosphorus Bridges.
A) am living /remembered
B) lived/am remembering
C) was living/have remembered
D) live/was remembering
E) have lived/remember

6- Two years ago, she ....... English at all, but she ....... hard since then.
A) hasn't spoken/is studying
B) wasn't speaking/studies
C) isn't speaking/studied
D) didn't speak/has been studying
E) doesn't speak/was studying

7- My brother ....... three years in jail when he was younger, but now he ....... to give up his life of crime.
A) spent/has decided
B) spends/is deciding
C) has spent/has been deciding
D) was spending/decides
E) has been spending/decided

8- I ....... my boss privately tomorrow and I....... quite nervous about it.
A) have seen/am feeling
B) see/was feeling
C) am seeing/feel
D) saw/ felt
E) was seeing/have felt

9- The first time I ....... horse riding, I was very nervous and ....... the reins very tightly.
A) was going/am holding
B) have gone/hold
C) am going/have held
D) go/was holding
E) went/held

10- Life ....... immensely since Thomas Edison ....... the first light bulb in 1879.
A) is changing/was Inventing
B) has changed/invented
C) has been changing/has invented
D) changed/has been inventing
E) was changing/invents









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