TEST ON TENSES -19 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -19 (with key)

1- He ....... great, poverty until he . up writing and got a proper job.
A) has suffered/gives
B) suffered/gave
C) is suffering/has given
D) has suffered/was giving
E) suffers/is giving

2- I ....... a lot of weight since I drinking beer every night.
A) have lost/stopped
B) lost/am stopping
C) lose/have been stopping
D) was losing/have stopped
E) am losing/stop

3- My son ....... very well at university this term because he ....... out late at night any more.
A) does/hasn't stayed
B) did/isn't staying
C) has done/wasn't staying
D) was doing/hasn't been staying
E) is doing/doesn't stay

4- Last year he almost ....... because he ....... his social life a little too much.
A) fails/has enjoyed
B) was failing/has been enjoying
C) failed/was enjoying
D) has been failing/enjoyed
E) has failed/enjoys

5- Our company's sales ....... since the new management ....... over.
A) have been improving/took
B) improve/has taken
C) improved/has been taking
D) are improving/was taking
E) were improving/is taking

6- The guards ....... when the enemy…….. .
A) are sleeping/has been attacking
B) have slept/was attacking
C) slept/has attacked
D) were sleeping/attacked
E) sleep/is attacking

7- The negotiators ....... to bring the two sides together for months, but so far they ....... .
A) try/are failing
B) are trying/failed
C) tried/fail
D) have tried/were failing
E) have been trying/have failed

8- The electricity ....... off last night just as the film on TV ....... interesting.
A) has gone/got
B) was going/has got
C) is going/has been getting
D) goes/is getting
E) went/was getting

9- More than a million people ....... the new superstore since it ....... last month.
A) are visiting/has been opening
B) have visited/opened
C) were visiting/opens
D) have been visiting/is opening
E) visited/has opened

10- Water ....... from liquid to gas when it ....... a temperature of 100°C.
A) has changed/reached
B) changed/was reaching
C) changes/reaches
D) has been changing/is reaching
E) is changing/reached









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