TEST ON TENSES -16 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -16 (with key)

1- This time last year, his business ……. a reasonable profit, but now, because of bad management, he ……. to keep it going.
A) has made/has struggled
B) made/was struggling
C) make/has been struggling
D) has been making/struggles
E) was making/is struggling

2- The last time we ……. dinner with them, they ……. for a new house.
A) have had/looked
B) were having/have been looking
C) have been having/look
D) had/were looking
E) have/are looking

3- The whole family was busy. While the children ……. decorations, their father ……. up the Christmas tree.
A) are making/is setting
B) made /has been setting
C) have been making/has set
D) were making/was setting
E) have made/set

4- A: What’s on TV tonight?
     B: Match of the day. Manchester United……. South Melbourne.
A) play
B) were playing
C) are playing
D) have played
E) played

5- Isn’t it strange that you ……. for Mark’s surprise party all week, but you ……. him a birthday present yet?
A) are preparing/didn’t buy
B) have been preparing/haven’t bought
C) prepared/don’t buy
D) have prepared/aren’t buying
E) prepare/weren’t buying

6- While my parents ……. in the shopping centre, a thief ……. into their car for the radio.
A) shopped/has broken
B) were shopping/broke
C) have shopped/breaks
D) are shopping/was breaking
E) shop/is breaking

7- When we ……. her, she…. in the wardrobe.
A) were finding/hides
B) find/has hidden
C) are finding/is hiding
D) found/was hiding
E) have found/hid

8- I never ……. my temper on purpose, of course, but sometimes I just ……. though I always regret it afterwards.
A) lose/explode
B) lost/am exploding
C) have been losing/exploded
D) was losing/have exploded
E) have lost/was exploding

9- Even though it ……. heavily at the time, they ……. home.
A) has snowed/were driving
B) snows/have been driving
C) was snowing/drove
D) has been snowing/drive
E) snowed/are driving

10- It’s been one week since the floods …….. but still aid workers …….people.
A) are striking/rescued
B) strike/were rescuing
C) were striking/have been rescuing
D) struck/are rescuing
E) have struck/rescue









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