TEST ON TENSES -15 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -15 (with key)

1- I ....... Malcolm in his car, but he…….. the traffic and didn't see me.
A) was seeing/watches
B) see/has watched
C) have seen/is watching
D) saw/was watching
E) am seeing/watched

2- Tim ........ a master's degree as soon as he ....... to Canada.
A) has begun/is returning
B) began/returned
C) is beginning/returned
D) was beginning/returns
E) begins/has returned

3- Rachel ....... up smoking four years ago and she ....... a cigarette since.
A) was giving/doesn't smoke
B) has given/wasn't smoking
C) gave/hasn't smoked
D) has given/didn't smoke
E) is giving/isn't smoking

4- Last year, Sonny ....... four miles each morning before breakfast, but he ....... around the block each morning instead since his heart attack.
A) ran/has been walking
B) has run/has walked
C) runs/was walking
D) has been running/walks
E) was running/walked

5- I ....... a brace on my teeth as a child, but I didn't like it.
A) was wearing
B) am wearing
C) have worn
D) wore
E) have been wearing

6- I ....... an extra part-time job last week as we ....... the money.
A) am starting/are needing
B) was starting/have needed
C) start/needed
D) have started/were needing
E) started/need

7- In 1951, the people of the Gold Coast ....... for their own government And shortly afterwards, they ....... their country as Ghana.
A) vote/are renaming
B) voted/renamed
C) have voted/were renaming
D) were voting/have renamed
E) are voting/rename

8- As my son ....... down by the river, I ....... his room thoroughly.
A) fishes/have cleaned
B) is fishing/cleaned
C) has fished/clean
D) fished/have been cleaning
E) was fishing/cleaned

9- We ....... in Cornwall for two weeks last summer. Since then, we ....... a holiday by the sea.
A) stayed /haven't had
B) are staying/don't have
C) were staying/didn't have
D) stay/aren't having
E) have stayed/weren't having

10- One of the straps on the baby's pram ..... quite thin, so we ..... to replace it.
A) wore/decide
B) wears/have decided
C) was wearing/decided
D) is wearing/were deciding
E) has been wearing/ decide









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