TEST ON TENSES -11 (with key)

TEST ON TENSES -11 (with key)

1- I knew that she was disappointed ............... I saw the look on her face.
A) as soon as
B) ever since
D) until
E) just as

2- ........ the match the supporters were getting more and more annoyed at their team's failure to score a goal despite several opportunities.
A) During
B) As soon as
C) By the time
D) Since
E) While

3- ............... the referee blew the final whistle, the home players swapped shirts with the opposition.
A) Until
B) Since
C) Scarcely
D) During
E) When

4- The fire had spread to his neighbour's apartment ............... the fire brigade arrived.
A) while
C) after
D)by the time
E) just as

5- ............... I was about to close the shop, a man asked me if we were still open and I'm glad I said yes because he bought a huge bouquet of flowers for his wife.
A) While
B) By the time
C) Just as
D) Before
E) Since

6- You can be sure that ............... you're out there working in hard conditions, everybody at home is thinking of you.
A)by the time

B) while

C) until

D) before

E) hardly

7- ........... he started competing in high profile tournaments, Tiger Williams' name has been famous not just as a terrific golfer, but as the first internationally successful black golfer.
A) Since
B) As soon as
C) While
D) Before
E) When

8- The boat won't be able to sail .......... this storm dies down and the sea gets calmer.
A) while
B) by the time
C )until
D) when
E) just as

9- France has been a republic .......... the French Revolution in 1789.
A) just as
B) while
C) during
D) since
E) before

10- We were going to go swimming yesterday, ........... because my friend was suffering from the flu, we stayed home instead.
A) only
B) and
C) during
D) afterwards
E) but






1. A
2. A
3. E
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. A
8. C
9. D
10. E




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