– Passives – Tenses
Concorde, the world’s fastest passenger plane, __(1)__ by France and Britain together. In the 1950s, both countries dreamed of having a supersonic plane, and the project __(2)__ in 1962. £1.5 billion __(3)__ on developing the Concorde, and it __(4)__ for over 5.000 hours, which makes it the most tested plane in history. The first passenger plane __(5)__ by British Airways and Air France in 1976.
The Concorde holds many world records, including the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from New York to London, which __(6)__ in 2 hours 45 seconds! Flying at twice the speed of sound
means that flying time __(7)__ by half, which is why the Concorde flight between London and New York __(8)__ a lot by business people and film stars – you can leave Britain at 10.30 and arrive in New York an hour earlier! Twenty planes __(9)__ up to the present day. But there are no plans to build any more. Each plane __(10)__ at a cost of £55 million, which makes them very expensive!
A) developed

B) have been developed
C) was developed

D) develops

A) was started
B) starts
C) have been started
D) started

A) spend
B) was spent
C) have been spent
D) spent

A) has tested
B) tested
C) have been tested
D) was tested

5. A) introduce
B) has been introduced
C) introduces
D) was introduced

A) have been achieved
B) was achieved
C) will achieve
D) achieved

A) was reduced
B) has reduced
C) is reduced
D) will be reduced

A) had been used
B) uses
C) used
D) is used

A) were built
B) are built
C) have been built
D) build

A) is being produced
B) is produced
C) was produced
D) has been produced

11. Where _____ these shoes made?
A) was
B) were
C) did
D) is

12. I was given this watch _____ my aunt.
A) to
B) from
C) *
D) by

13. Someone _____ my bag!
A) was stolen
B) has been stolen
C) has stolen
D) is stolen

14. A newsagent _____ stamps.
A) sells
B) is sold
C) was sold
D) sell

15. A British policeman _____ guns.
A) aren’t carried
B) don’t carry
C) hasn’t been carried
D) doesn’t carry

16. All the apple juice _____ by nine o’clock.
A) drunk
B) was drunk
C) was drank
D) drink

17. Have all the sandwiches _____?
A) been eaten B) eaten
C) was ate D) ate
18. _____ hello to your parents from me when you see them.
A) Tell
B) Say
C) Give
D) Keep

19. I was late for work because I _____ the bus.
A) carried
B) lost
C) waited for
D) missed

20. This is my grandfather’s watch. He _____ it every day until he died.
A) gave
B) carried
C) wore
D) kept

21. I _____ just _____ a good idea. Let’s eat out tonight.
A) have / kept
B) have / had
C) am / told
D) had / carried

22. My uncle _____ £500 on the stock exchange.
A) keeps
B) grows
C) carries
D) earns

23. We _____ a complaint to the manager because our meal was so bad.
A) made
B) said
C) gave
D) told

24. Rolls Royce cars _____ in England.
A) were made
B) is made
C) makes
D) are made
25. They _____ rice in China.
A) are grown
B) grow
C) have been grown
D) grows

26. The telephone _____ by Bell in 1876.
A) has invented
B) is invented
C) was invented
D) invented

27. Thieves _____ two pictures from the museum last night.
A) have stolen
B) stole
C) was stolen
D) had stolen

28. They _____ the picture for £3.000.
A) has sold
B) are sold
C) sold
D) sell

29. Three new factories _____ this year.
A) built
B) were built
C) have been built
D) has built

30. 10.000 cars _____ next year.
A) will produce
B) produced
C) are produced
D) will be produced

31. The television _____ by Bell.
A) was invented
B) is invented
C) wasn’t invented
D) invented

32. _____ they _____ many cars last year?
A) Have / made B) Did / make
C) Will / make D) Been / made

Nylon __(33)__ in the early 1930s by an American chemist, Julian Hill. Other scientists __(34)__ with his invention, and finally on 27 October, 1938 nylon __(35)__ to the world. It was cheap and strong and immediately __(36)__ successful, especially in the making of women’s stockings. During the Second World War, the best present for many women was
a pair of nylon stockings, but more importantly, nylon __(37)__ tomake parachutes and tires. Today, nylon __(38)__ in many things: carpets, ropes, seat belts, furniture, computers, and even spare parts for the human body. It __(39)__ an important part in our lives for over 50 years. Next year about 36 million tons of it __(40)__.

A) invented
B) has been invented
C) is invented
D) was invented

A) has worked
B) worked
C) were working
D) have been working

A) was introduced
B) introduces
C) has introduced
D) introduced

A) have become
B) became
C) is became
D) becomes

A) has been used B) used
C) was used D) was been used
A) found
B) founded
C) has founded
D) is found

A) played
B) has played
C) is playing
D) plays

A) is manufactured
B) will be manufactured
C) manufactured
D) is going to manufacture

41. English _____ all over the world.
A) speaks
B) is spoken
C) was spoken
D) has been spoken

42. The animals _____ by a loud noise.
A) frightened
B) were frightening
C) has been frightened
D) were frightened

43. My children _____ with their homework.
A) helped
B) help
C) are helping
D) aren’t helped

44. How many times _____ playing football?
A) have you been hurt
B) did you hurt
C) were you hurted
D) are you hurt

45. The thieves _____ by anyone.
A) saw B) have been seen
C) weren’t seen D) didn’t seen
46. Coffee _____ in England.
A) grows
B) isn’t grown
C) grew
D) have been grown

47. ____ last night?
A) Have the plants been watered
B) Did the plants water
C) Were the plants watered
D) Are they watered

48. Driving should _____ in city centers.
A) ban
B) be banned
C) banned
D) being ban

49. America _____ by Christopher Columbus.
A) has discovered
B) have discovered
C) had been discovered
D) was discovered

50. The house is going _____.
A) to knock down
B) to be knocked down
C) to been knocked down
D) knocking down


1-C 2-A 3-C 4-D 5-D 6-B 7-A 8-D

9-C 10-B 11-B 12-D 13-C 14-A 15-D 16-B

17-A 18-B 19-C 20-C 21-B 22-D 23-A 24-D

25-B 26-C 27-B 28-C 29-C 30-D 31-C 32-B

33-D 34-B 35-A 36-B 37-C 38-D 39-B 40-B

41-B 42-D 43-D 44-A 45-C 46-B 47-C 48-B

49-D 50-B


  1. meysam says:

    Hi in this sentence ( In the 1950s, both countries dreamed of having a supersonic plane, and the project __(2)__ in 1962.) can we use have before dreamed of? ( In the 1950s, both countries have dreamed of having a supersonic plane, and the project __(2)__ in 1962.)
    thank you