– Present Simple, Present Continuous
– Have/has got
– But, and, however
1. Where _____ on holidays?
A) you go
B) do you go
C) do you going
D) are you go

2. I _____ to work now. Good-bye!
A) go
B) went
C) am going
D) goes

3. I _____ a book about astrology these days.
A) am reading
B) read
C) am reads
D) reading

4. I _____ lots of books every year.
A) will read
B) am reading
C) read
D) am going to read

5. Nurses _____ after people in hospital.
A) looks
B) is looking
C) will look
D) look

6. Annie _____ from Ireland.
A) come
B) is coming
C) comes
D) coming

7. We _____ to a party next Saturday.
A) go B) goes
C) are going D) went

8. She _____ for dinner this evening.
A) come
B) came
C) comes
D) is coming

9. _____ to go out tonight?
A) Do you want
B) Are you wanting
C) Is you want
D) Would you want

10. I _____ four languages.
A) am speaking
B) speak
C) speaks
D) am speak

11. Every morning Tessa _____ at 7.30.
A) is getting up
B) got up
C) get up
D) gets up

12. Oh, someone _____ in my seat!
A) is sitting
B) sits
C) will sit
D) sit

13. I’m sorry. I can’t help you at the moment. I _____ dinner.
A) will cook
B) am cooking
C) cook
D) cooked

14. I _____ a pain in my leg.
A) has
B) having
C) have
D) am having
15. Mrs. Steele _____ to her boss. I’ll tell her you phoned.
A) talked
B) talks
C) talk
D) is talking

16. Turn the T.V off. No one _____ it!
A) watches
B) watch
C) is watching
D) watched

17. She is not ready. She _____ her hair.
A) is washing
B) washes
C) washed
D) wash

18. Derek’s good at golf but he _____ very often.
A) aren’t play
B) isn’t playing
C) doesn’t play
D) didn’t play

19. The sun _____ in the day time.
A) shine
B) shone
C) is shining
D) shines

20. In Britain people _____ on the right.
A) are driving
B) drives
C) drive
D) drove

21. This is a great party! Everyone _____.
A) dance

B) is dancing

C) dances

D) are dancing

22. Jack’s a policeman but he _____ a uniform.
A) doesn’t wear
B) isn’t wearing
C) no wear
D) wears

23. What _____ in your free time?
A) are you doing
B) do you do
C) you do
D) are you do

24. How many children _____?
A) are you having
B) do you have
C) do you have got
D) are you have

25. I _____ a shower every morning.
A) have got
B) am having
C) have
D) has

My sister and I are very different, __(26)__ we get on well together. She likes staying at home in the evening __(27)__ watching television with parents. __(28)__ I prefer going out with my friends. We like to go to clubs or the cinema. Sometimes we just go to a café. I have exams soon, __(29)__ I’m not going out very much these days. My sister is six years older than me, __(30)__ she works in a bank. She’s trying to save some money __(31)__ she’s going to get married this year. Her fiancé’s name is Ferdinand. __(32)__, we all call him Freddy.
People say I look like my sister __(33)__ we both have brown eyes __(34)__ dark hair. __(35)__, we are very different in character. She’s very quiet, __(36)__ I’m a lot more sociable.

A) and
B) but
C) so
D) because

A) however
B) so
C) and
D) because

A) Because
B) And
C) So
D) But

A) so
B) however
C) but
D) and
A) however
B) so
C) because
D) and

A) and
B) so
C) because
D) but

A) However
B) So
C) But
D) And

A) so
B) because
C) and
D) however

A) but
B) so
C) however
D) and

A) But
B) So
C) However
D) And

A) however
B) but
C) and
D) so
37. I _____ a bicycle when I was young.
A) have
B) am having
C) had
D) have got

38. He_____ a shower in the morning.
A) have got
B) has
C) am having
D) have

39. He _____ milk in his coffee.
A) never has
B) has never got
C) has never
D) have never

40. What time _____ lunch in general?
A) does you have
B) have you got
C) do you have
D) are you having

41. The Pope _____ in Vatican.
A) live
B) lived
C) lives
D) will live


1-B 2-C 3-A 4-C 5-D 6-C 7-C 8-D

9-A 10-B 11-D 12-A 13-B 14-C 15-D 16-C

17-A 18-C 19-D 20-C 21-B 22-A 23-B 24-B

25-C 26-B 27-C 28-D 29-A 30-D 31-C 32-C

33-B 34-D 35-C 36-C 37-C 38-B 39-A 40-C



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