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PANDORA-improve your reading -13

Elderly Animals

Just as people age, so do our pets. Unfortunately, many senior pets are given up and placed in animal shelters. Some owners can’t afford the high medical costs. Others, who are also elderly, can no longer care for them. To meet the needs of senior pets, a number of charities have been established. In addition to running workshops on caring for older animals, these nonprofit organizations adopt and look after senior pets.

One such group is BrightHaven, a California-based charity. Founded more than 15 years ago, the group takes in animals which are at least 16 yearsold. The animals are well fed, given excellent medical care, and free to stay inside or run around outdoors. At any given time, several dozen animals can be found living at BrightHaven. Currently, that includes cats, dogs, goats, chickens, horses, geese, and even a giant pig weighing more than 350 kg! The residents often live to a very old age. In fact, one of the cats lived to the remarkable age of 34.

SAINTS, located in British Columbia, Canada, is another pet sanctuary for senior animals. The charity owns a three-acre estate with open fi elds and a pond. Since its foundation in 2004, SAINTS has cared for several hundred animals. Often, they fi nd people willing to open their homes to a senior pet. When they can’t, or when the animal requires serious medical care, it lives on the estate. There, it’s cared for by volunteers. Like at BrightHaven, a variety of animals live at the facility.



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