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Sir David Murray

Though physically disabled, Sir David Murray is one of Scotland’s wealthiest people. In 2008 his net worth was estimated at ₤720 million, ranking sixth on the list. The entrepreneur has had tremendous success as a businessperson and as the owner of a sports franchise. On top of that, he has given back to the community by establishing a foundation to help others with disabilities. In recognition of his contributions to society, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2007.

Born in Ayr, Scotland in 1951, Sir David founded Murray International Metals at just 23 years of age. Tragedy struck two years later. Murray was in a terrible car accident, and both his legs had to be amputated. However, he continued pushing forward, expanding his company into other areas, including mining, venture capital, and property development.

Determined to replicate his business success in the world of sports, Murray bought Rangers Football Club in 1988. In addition to making improvements to Ibrox Stadium, he turned the team’s fortunes around. Under his chairmanship, which ended in 2009, the team attracted top international talent and won nine Premier League titles in a row.

In 1996 Sir David set up the Murray Foundation. The group acts as a support center for amputees, providing services like physical rehabilitation and emotional support. The foundation also acts as a knowledge hub for amputees, distributing information pamphlets and videos. What’s more, they put amputees in touch with groups coordinating recreational, sport, and other activities.



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