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Full practice -listen and read “the lottery winner” stage 1/(book )


bank a building or business for keeping money safely

believe to think that something is true or right

buy (past tense bought) to get something for money

case a question for a court of law to decide

cell a small room in a prison or police station

champagne an expensive drink

charity help or money for people who are poor or ill

charity shop people give old clothes, books, etc. to charityshops; the shops sell the things and give the money to helpother people

check to look to see if something is all right

cheque a special piece of paper which tells a bank to pay money to somebody clothes shirts, trousers, dresses, coats, etc.

court a place where judges and lawyers decide about law cases

difficult not easy to do or understand

fall (past tense fell) to go down suddenly to a lower place; to drop

kind (adj) good to other people; friendly

kiss (v) to touch with the mouth in a loving or friendly way

kiss (n) a loving or friendly touch with the mouth

lawyer a person who helps people with the law and talks for them in court

lie (n) something you say or write which is not true

lottery in a lottery people buy numbered tickets, and every week or month some of the tickets win a lot of money

nasty not nice, kind or good

news the story of things which happened yesterday or which are happening now

newspaper sheets of paper with news, which you can buy every day or every week

pay to give money for

policeman somebody whose job is to stop people breaking the law, and to catch people who steal, murder, break into houses, etc.

police station the office where policemen work

prison a building for criminals, where the doors are locked

prove to show that something is right or true

reporter someone who works for a newspaper, radio or television and tells about things which have happened

send (past tense sent) to make something or someone go somewhere

snatch to take something in a very quick, violent way

steal (past tense stole) to take something which is not yours

trouble difficult or worrying times; problems

truth what is true

unhappy not happy

win (v) to be the first, or the best, in a game, race, lottery, etc.

winner a person who wins

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