Elementary Test 7 (multiple choice)

Elementary Test 7 (multiple choice)

251. He … a couple of sandwiches.
a) eaten
b) ate
c) eat
252. They … the correct answer.
a) chose
b) chosen
c) choice
253. She … too much.
a) eating
b) ate
c) don’t eat
254. She … very expensive clothes.
a) bought
b) buy
c) buying
255. My business partner … all the goods yesterday.
a) sell
b) sold
c) have sold
256. Unfortunately, he … his leg.
a) broken
b) broke
c) have broken
257. Tom … a new flat.
a) buy
b) buyed
c) bought
258. My classmate … the third answer.
a) choose
b) chose
c) chosen
259. Her car … down.
a) break
b) broke
c) breaking
260. She … her apartment.
a) sold
b) sell
c) have sold
261. She … a lot yesterday.
a) sleep
b) slept
c) sleeped
262. They … it away.
a) threw
b) throw
c) thrown
263. I … them the ball.
a) thrown
b) threw
c) throwing
264. He … a glass of orange juice.
a) drink
b) drank
c) drunk
265. After the party, she … like a baby.
a) sleep
b) slept
c) sleeped
266. The shoes … about 50 dollars.
a) costed
b) costing
c) cost
267. The dress … less than she expected.
a) costing
b) cost
c) is costing
268. She … a small house on that land.
a) build
b) built
c) have built
269. The engineers … a high building.
a) built
b) builds
c) has built
270. I … a glass of milk before going to bed.
a) drunk
b) drank
c) drinks
271. Her advice … me much.
a) didn’t help
b) wasn’t help
c) haven’t helped
272. I … free time at all then.
a) didn’t have
b) didn’t had
c) couldn’t had
273. My boyfriend … to the gym two days ago.
a) wasn’t go
b) didn’t go
c) weren’t go
274. She … what to say.
a) didn’t knew
b) don’t know
c) didn’t know
275. They … out help back then.
a) didn’t needed
b) didn’t need
c) hasn’t need
276. Honestly, I … feel happy.
a) wasn’t
b) didn’t
c) doesn’t
277. He … ask us that question.
a) didn’t
b) wasn’t
c) don’t
278. He … her yesterday.
a) didn’t call
b) haven’t call
c) didn’t called
279. They … the exams.
a) don’t passed
b) haven’t pass
c) didn’t pass
280. My close friends … to that party.
a) weren’t go
b) didn’t go
c) wasn’t go
281. … she become so famous?
a) Did
b) Was
c) Have
282. Did he … all these new words?
a) learned
b) learn
c) learnt
283. … you continue buying this kind of perfumes?
a) Was
b) Did
c) Were
284. Did you … tired after doing so much work?
a) got
b) get
c) became
285. … they agree with you?
a) Were
b) Was
c) Did
286. Did it … them greatly?
a) interested
b) interest
c) interesting
287. Did it … to you too?
a) happen
b) happened
c) happenned
288. … they meet for the first time?
a) Did
b) Were
c) Was
289. … she pay for everything?
a) Was
b) Did
c) Do
290. … you tell her our secret?
a) Was
b) Did
c) Were
291. How … you pay for the smartphone?
a) was
b) did
c) –
292. What … he say?
a) –
b) was
c) did
293. … two hours ago?
a) Who did you call
b) Who you called
294. Why … she continue learning English there?
a) did
b) was
c) have
295. How … money did you earn that month?
a) many
b) much
c) lot
296. … from him?
a) What you heard
b) What did you hear
297. … so funny that you burst into laughing?
a) What did seem
b) What seemed
298. Where … the accident happen?
a) did
b) was
c) have
299. … at the party?
a) Who did arrived
b) Who arrived
300. How … mistakes did he make?
a) much
b) many
c) a lot






251.b 252.a 253.b
254.a 255.b 256.b 257.c 258.b 259.b 260.a 261.b 262.a
263.b 264.b 265.b 266.c 267.b 268.b 269.a 270.b 271.a
272.a 273.b 274.c 275.b 276.b 277.a 278.a 279.c 280.b
281.a 282.b 283.b 284.b 285.c 286.b 287.a 288.a 289.b
290.b 291.b 292.c 293.a 294.a 295.b 296.b 297.b 298.a
299.b 300.b



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