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101. A: Do you have five dollars?
B: No, I don’t, but Oswald has ______ money with him.
A) a lot of

B) much of

C) many

D) lots

102. Someone forgot an umbrella. I’ll try to find out ______ it is.
A) whom

B) of whom

C) whose

D) who

103. Most of the students ______ in the classroom now.
A) were

B) was

C) are

D) is

104. A: May I help you?
B: Yes, I want three ______ .
A) cans beans

B) cans of beans

C) can of beans

D) can beans

105. Half of the salad ______ yours.
A) is

B) were

C) are

D) aren’t

106. “That coat is expensive, isn’t it?” “Yes, it costs ______ .”
A) very many

B) a lot of
C) too much money

D) too many

107. A: Let’s have lunch at the Sultan Restaurant.
B: I can’t. I didn’t bring ______ money today.
A) some

B) any

C) none

D) no

108. A: Would you like some coffee?
B: Yes please, but just ______ .
A) few

B) a few

C) little

D) a little

109. A: Whose house is that?
B: It’s ______ .
A) the Taylor

B) the Taylors

C) the Taylor’s

D) the Taylors’

110. Would you like ______ of this cake?
A) some

B) a few

C) few

D) little

111. The boy has a knife. Don’t let him cut ______ .
A) himself

B) itself

C) herself

D) yourself

112. A: Do you read a lot?

B: Yes, I read ______ books every year.
A) a lot

B) a lot of

C) too much

D) very few

113. A: What is the matter with the baby?
B: She is ______ hungry.
A) a few

B) a little

C) little

D) few

114. My niece can’t find her umbrella. Is this blue one ______ ?
A) of her

B) his

C) mine

D) hers

115. He paid for an ice-cream for ______ .
A) I

B) mine

C) my

D) me

116. A: Have you read this new book by Robert O’Neill?
B: No, I haven’t. ______ like to read it.
A) He’d

B) She’d

C) We’d

D) I’d

117. A: Is Ashley’s new dress blue?
B: No, ______ is green. Helen’s is blue.
A) hers

B) her

C) mine

D) ours

118. If the police ______ arrive soon, they’ll be too late.
A) isn’t

B) doesn’t

C) don’t

D) wasn’t

119. He has two friends. That’s not very ______ .
A) few

B) many

C) much

D) a lot

120. There ______ some fish very near the coast.
A) weren’t

B) was

C) wasn’t

D) were

121. The police ______ looking for a man who escaped from prison.
A) is

B) was

C) are

D) has been

122. Plastic surgery doesn’t cost ______ .
A) a lot of

B) much

C) many

D) very few

123. He knows ______ about classical music.
A) a lot

B) a lot of

C) many

D) a few

124. He is very honest. He is ______ than David.
A) honest

B) more honestly

C) more honest

D) honestly

125. Some people think that life was ______ a hundred years ago.
A) badly

B) worst

C) well

D) better

126. A bee is ______ than a bird.
A) smaller

B) smallest

C) the smallest

D) small

127. A bicycle moves ______ than a car.
A) slowly

B) fast

C) very slow

D) more slowly

128. Concorde is ______ other planes.
A) the safest

B) safest

C) as safe as

D) safer

129. The news ______ bad.
A) was

B) are

C) were

D) aren’t

130. ______ everybody here?
A) Are

B) Is

C) Were

D) Does

131. He has a lot of friends. He is ______ than Tony.
A) much less friendly

B) less friendly

C) the most friendly

D) more friendly

132. Other planes are not so ______ Concorde.
A) more expensive

B) expensive
C) expensive as

D) as expensive

133. The Boeing 747 makes ______ noise than Concorde.
A) much

B) less

C) most

D) least

134. It was a very ______ journey.
A) interesting

B) more interested

C) interested

D) interestingly

135. Venus is the ______ planet to the earth.
A) far

B) nearest

C) farther

D) near

136. What are the ______ sports in Turkey?
A) interested

B) as interesting

C) better than

D) most popular

137. This team is bad. It plays ______ .
A) badly

B) bad

C) not good

D) well

138. He runs ______ than David.
A) better

B) slowly

C) well

D) very fast

139. Jim is 19 years old. Tony is 15. Jim is ______ than Tony.
A) younger

B) oldest

C) older

D) youngest

140. He came late because he can’t run ______ the others.
A) as fast as

B) faster

C) the fastest of

D) quickly as

141. Bill swims ______ than Robert.
A) faster

B) very badly

C) good

D) worst

142. How ______ butter do you need?
A) much

B) many

C) few

D) a lot

143. Colombia is the ______ country in the world.
A) as wet as

B) wetter than

C) wetter

D) wettest

144. He thinks that their team is the ______ one in Italy.
A) better than

B) better

C) best

D) good

145. Who sings the ______ in your class?
A) happy

B) more happily

C) happily

D) most happily

146. My father is sick. I’m worried about ______ .
A) his

B) him

C) her

D) me

147. I saw Ann at the party but I didn’t talk to ______ .
A) hers

B) him

C) she

D) her

148. A: Why doesn’t Pete have any teeth?
B: Because he ______ brushed them.
A) usually

B) often

C) frequently

D) never

149. Almost all of my father’s teeth are good because he ______ brushes
A) usually

B) ever

C) never

D) sometimes

150. Paul doesn’t feel very good now. In six weeks he’s going to feel
______ .
A) bad

B) better

C) best

D) badly

Pronouns - adverbs - adjectives - determines
(Elementary / Pre-Intermediate) 3

101-A 102-C 103-C 104-B
105-A 106-C 107-B 108-D 109-D 110-A 111-A 112-B
113-B 114-D 115-D 116-D 117-A 118-C 119-B 120-D
121-C 122-B 123-A 124-C 125-D 126-A 127-D 128-C
129-A 130-B 131-D 132-C 133-B 134-A 135-B 136-D
137-A 138-A 139-C 140-A 141-A 142-A 143-D 144-C
145-D 146-B 147-D 148-D 149-A 150-B



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