– Verb to be: questions and negatives

– Short answers – Prepositions

– Possessive‘s – Opposite adjectives

– The family – Food and drink

1. “_____ her name Eliza?”
“No, _____ .”
A) What / it isn’t
B) Is / she isn’t
C) Is / it is not
D) Is / it isn’t

2. Is your surname Anderson?
A) Yes, you are.
B) Yes, it is.
C) Yes, I am.
D) Yes, my is.

3. “Is she American?”
“No, _____ .”
A) hers isn’t
B) she isn’t
C) she is not
D) she her isn’t

4. “____ their names Jack & Benny?”
“Yes, _____ .”
A) Are / they are
B) Aren’t / there are
C) Am / their
D) Is / they’re

5. “Is your dog 2 years old?”
“Yes, _____ .”
A) it’s
B) dog is
C) it is
D) its

6. “Is your elder brother married?”
“No, _____ .”
A) brother isn’t
B) he isn’t
C) he is not
D) she isn’t

7. “Are you from Senegal?”
“No, _____ .”
A) I’m not
B) I amn’t
C) I are not
D) I not

8. “_____ Martha English?”
“Yes, she _____ .”
A) Is / isn’t
B) Are / is
C) Is / is
D) Are / is

9. “_____ her surname Smith?”
“No, it _____ .”
A) What / isn’t
B) Is / is
C) Is / isn’t
D) Are / isn’t

10. “Are you a student?”
“Yes, I _____ .”
A) am
B) have
C) is
D) ‘m not

11. “_____ you from Barcelona?”
“No, I’m not.”
A) Is
B) Are
C) Do
D) Where

12. “_____ you married?”
“No, I _____ .”
A) Aren’t / am
B) Are / am
C) Is / am not
D) Are / ’m not

13. “_____ is Brenda?”
“She’s Patrick’s wife.”
A) What
B) Who
C) Which
D) Where

14. My teacher’s name _____ John.
A) are
B) is
C) am
D) not

15. Marcus and Carlos _____ my brothers.
A) is
B) am
C) are
D) be

16. My mother and father _____ at work.
A) is
B) am
C) are
D) *

17. It _____ Monday today.
A) is
B) am
C) are
D) *

18. This is the photo _____ my family.
A) in
B) at
C) of
D) on

19. It’s good practice _____ you.
A) for
B) at
C) of
D) in

20. I’m _____ home.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) from

21. I’m _____ La Guardia Community College.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) of

22. I’m _____ New York.
A) in
B) for
C) at
D) of

23. I’m _____ a class _____ eight other students.
A) in / for
B) at / of
C) in / with
D) at / off

24. I live _____ an apartment _____ two American boys.
A) in / of
B) at / with
C) in / with
D) of/with

25. Central Park is lovely _____ the snow.
A) at
B) in
C) of
D) with

26. “_____ is his job?”
“He _____ a policeman.”
A) Which / is
B) What / are
C) What / is
D) Where / is

27. He _____ from Argentina. He is _____ Mexico.
A) is / from
B) isn’t / from
C) isn’t / in
D) aren’t / in

28. “_____ _____ is a hamburger and chips?”
“Three pounds fifty.”
A) How many
B) How often
C) How much
D) How long

Find the opposite word.
29. easy – ______
A) cold
B) cheap
C) difference
D) difficult

30. lovely – ______
A) old
B) expensive
C) horrible
D) quick

31. fast – ______
A) slow
B) small
C) quick
D) warm

32. expensive – ______
A) big
B) cheap
C) cold
D) hot

33. hot – ______
A) cold
B) new
C) warm
D) small

34. big – ______
A) high
B) small
C) tall
D) slow

35. young – ______
A) old
B) big
C) small
D) quick

36. “Are you married?”
“No, _____ .”
A) I am not
B) I’m not
C) I amn’t
D) I m not

37. Brazil ____ in Asia. ____ in South America.
A) is / It isn’t
B) is / It’s
C) is / Is
D) isn’t / It’s

38. Snow is _____ .
A) cold
B) hot
C) small
D) cheap
39. A: _____ Greek?
B: Yes, I am.
A) You
B) Are you
C) Am I
D) I

40. We _____ in a Russian class.
We _____ in an English class.
A) are / are
B) are / not
C) aren’t / are
D) are / am

41. Rolls-Royce cars are _____ .
A) cheap
B) blue
C) expensive
D) tall
42. “_____ your teachers married?”
“Yes, _____ .”
A) Is / he is
B) Is / he’s
C) Is / she is
D) Are / they are

43. “Is it hot today?”
“No, _____ .”
A) it isn’t
B) it is not
C) it’s not
D) it not

44. “Are _____ your parents?”
“Yes, _____ .”
A) they-their are
B) their-they are
C) they-they are
D) they-they

45. Eliza _____ from Greece. _____ from Poland.
A) is / Is

B) isn’t / She’s
C) is / Isn’t

D) is / Is not

46. Ann is _____ wife.
A) John’s
B) John is
C) John’s is
D) John

47. This is not just my computer. It is 4 _____ computer.
A) students’
B) students’s
C) student’s
D) student

48. A: What is _____ ?
B: She is a bank manager.
A) his job
B) she job
C) he job
D) her job

49. “How old is your brother?”
“_____ 29.”
A) They are
B) I am
C) It is
D) He is

50. “How old _____ Mr. & Mrs. White?”
“_____ 50 and 48.”
A) is / They
B) are / They’re
C) are / They
D) */ They are

51. “How old ___, Andrew?”
“_____ 21 years old.”
A) are you / I’m
B) is he / He’s
C) is / He is
D) are / I

52. “_____ you now?”
“I’m at the school.”
A) Where’s
B) Where’re are
C) Where’re
D) Where

53. “Where _____ now?”
“In her office.”
A) is he
B) is she
C) is it
D) is

54. “_____ is his father’s job?”
“He’s a teacher.”
A) Who
B) When
C) Why
D) What

55. This is those _____ toy.
A) kid’s
B) kid
C) kids’s
D) kids’

56. They are not my _____ books.
A) children’s
B) childs
C) children’
D) children of

57. They’re not his _____ mistakes.
A) friend’s
B) friend
C) friends
D) friends’s


1-D 2-B 3-B 4-A 5-C 6-B 7-A 8-C

9-C 10-A 11-B 12-D 13-B 14-B 15-C 16-C

17-A 18-C 19-A 20-C 21-C 22-A 23-C 24-C

25-B 26-C 27-B 28-C 29-D 30-C 31-A 32-B

33-A 34-B 35-A 36-B 37-D 38-A 39-B 40-C

41-C 42-D 43-A 44-C 45-B 46-A 47-A 48-D

49-D 50-B 51-A 52-C 53-B 54-D 55-D 56-A




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