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- Going to - Wh questions
- Infinitive of purpose
- Making suggestions – Prepositions

1. She _____ to be a ballet dancer when she _____ up.
A) go / grow
B) going / grows
C) goes / grows
D)’s going / grows

2. We _____ to stay in a villa in France this summer.
A) going
B) ‘re going
C) to go
D) go

3. I _____ Peter tonight.
A) ‘m seeing
B) see
C) seeing
D) to see

4. I’m going _____ Peter tonight.
A) see
B) seeing
C) to see
D) saw

5. Careful! The glass is _____ fall.
A) going
B) going to
C) goes to
D) go to

6. We _____ to Paris this weekend.
A) going
B) go
C) ‘re going
D) to go

7. Tom and Tim _____ for lunch tomorrow.
A) to come
B) coming
C) came
D) are coming

8. I’m saving my money _____ a CD player.
A) buying
B) to buy
C) buy
D) bought

9. We’re going to Paris _____ a holiday.
A) to have
B) have
C) having
D) had

10. I’m going to Florida _____ a year’s time.
A) at
B) on
C) in
D) by

11. He’s interested _____ flying.
A) at
B) in
C) on
D) with

12. She’s good _____ singing.
A) on
B) at
C) in
D) with

13. She was afraid _____ cars.
A) at B) with
C) in D) of
14. What’s the weather _____ today?
A) like
B) with
C) in
D) about

15. What’s _____ TV tonight?
A) in
B) at
C) on
D) by

16. There’s a film _____ channel 4.
A) at
B) in
C) by
D) on

17. What’s _____ the cinema?
A) on
B) at
C) on at
D) at on

18. They _____ both _____ to become TV stars.
A) are / go
B) are / going to
C) is / going
D) are / going

19. What’s she going _____ ?
A) do
B) doing
C) to do
D) did

20. She’s going _____ home.
A) to walk
B) walking
C) walk
D) to walking

21. She wants _____ in Paris and Moscow.
A) dancing B) dance
C) is dancing D) to dance
22. They _____ going _____ a car this year.
A) aren’t / get
B) aren’t / getting
C) aren’t / to get
D) aren’t / got
23. _____ he play tennis last Sunday?
A) Did
B) Does
C) Do
D) Are

24. _____ he playing tennis now?
A) Are
B) Does
C) Is
D) Did

25. _____ you wash it yesterday ?
A) Do
B) Does
C) Did
D) Are

26. I _____ going to wash it tonight.
A) do
B) am
C) are
D) do

27. We _____ having dinner at the moment.
A) do
B) is
C) are
D) did

28. _____ you have a dinner at this time every evening?
A) Did
B) Do
C) Does
D) Are
29. What _____ your parents going to do when they retire?
A) is
B) do
C) are
D) did

30. When _____ your parents first meet?
A) did
B) does
C) do
D) are

31. What time _____ Maria usually arrive at school?
A) does
B) is
C) do
D) did

32. Look _____ that picture. Isn’t it beautiful?
A) on
B) at
C) in
D) by

33. What have we got _____ dinner?
A) at
B) of
C) for
D) from

34. Our hotel is fifty meters _____ the sea.
A) of
B) in
C) than
D) from

35. What is the longest river _____ the world?
A) at
B) on
C) in
D) at
36. France is bigger ____ England.
A) from
B) on
C) like
D) than

37. I’m looking _____ Jane. Do you know where she is?
A) about
B) for
C) at
D) in

38. Can you buy me a bottle _____ lemonade _____ the shop?
A) of / at
B) at / of
C) from / at
D) from / of

39. Maria is _____ her sister in many ways.
They’re both beautiful and intelligent.
A) from
B) like
C) of
D) about

40. What did you do _____ the weekend?
A) of
B) in
C) at
D) for

41. _____ Saturday night we went to a party.
A) In
B) On
C) At
D) For

42. I _____ going out, because it _____ going to rain.
A) ‘m not / is
B) amn’t / is
C) isn’t / am
D) aren’t / is
43. _____ you going _____ wash your car this afternoon?
A) Are / too
B) Are / to
C) ‘re / to
D) Am / to

44. She _____ going to the post office _____ some stamps.
A) is / to buy
B) is / for buying
C) ‘s / for to buy
D) * / buy

45. I’m _____ home early next week.
A) go
B) going for going
C) going
D) going to

46. What _____ the weather _____ in Las Vegas the day before yesterday.
A) were / like
B) was/as
C) is / like
D) was/like

47. A : _____ is the weather like _____ ?
B : _____ is sunny & warm. But yesterday _____ cold.
A) What / today / it / was
B) How / today / it / was
C) What / it / today / *
D) How / it / today / was

48. A : What _____ we _____ ?
B : _____ go swimming.
A) will / do / Let me B) shall / do / Let’s
C) would / do / Let her D) shall / do / Let me
49. A: What is the weather _____ like tomorrow?
B: Sunny. _____ we go on picnic?
A) going to / Shall
B) going to be / Will
C) going to be / Are
D) going to be / Shall
50. A : _____ are you going to eat?
B : Pizza.
A : _____ ’re you going to eat?
B : In the cafeteria.
A) Where / What
B) What / Where
C) What / When
D) Who / Whom

51. A : _____ is Jim going to get married?
B : Next month.
A : _____ is he going to marry?
B : His colleague.
A) What time / Who
B) Who / Where
C) When / Whom
D) Where / *

52. A: _____ are you going to the chemist’s?
B: I’m going to the chemist’s _____ some medicine.
A) Why / too buy
B) Why / to buy
C) When / two buy
D) Where / buy

53. A: _____ is Pittsburg _____ Ohio?
B: About 500 kilometers.
A) How long / from
B) How far / from
C) How big / off
D) How small / since

54. German is _____ English in some ways, but it is more difficult _____
A) like / then
B) as / that
C) like / than
D) like / like

55. Nicola’s _____ to Liverpool _____ his grandparents.
A) coming / visit
B) to come/visit
C) going to come / to visit
D) coming / to visit


1-D 2-B 3-A 4-C 5-B 6-C 7-D 8-B

9-A 10-C 11-B 12-B 13-D 14-A 15-C 16-D

17-C 18-D 19-C 20-A 21-D 22-C 23-A 24-C

25-C 26-B 27-C 28-B 29-C 30-A 31-A 32-B

33-C 34-D 35-C 36-D 37-B 38-A 39-B 40-C

41-B 42-A 43-B 44-A 45-B 46-D 47-A 48-B

49-D 50-B 51-C 52-B 53-B 54-C 55-D



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