– Comparatives and superlatives
– Have got, has got
– Prepositions – Linking words (which, where)

1. You are _____ me.
A) older
B) oldest
C) older than
D) older then

2. New York is _____ Paris.
A) dirty
B) dirtier than
C) the dirtiest
D) dirtier

3. Prague is one of the _____ cities in Europe,
A) most beautiful
B) more beautiful
C) beautiful
D) the most beautiful

4. How many children _____ they _____?
A) have / got
B) have / get
C) does / got
D) has / got

5. A country is quieter _____ a city.
A) with
B) to
C) than
D) ago

6. The house is 50 meters _____ the sea.
A) to
B) by
C) for
D) from

7. He spends his time _____ the banks of the river.
A) in B) to C) about D) on
8. She came _____ the garage.
A) out
B) of
C) out of
D) up

9. He jumped _____ the lake.
A) into
B) to
C) in
D) at

10. He walked _____ the hill.
A) to
B) at
C) out
D) up

11. A country is _____ than a city.
A) cheap
B) cheaper
C) cheapest
D) more cheaper

12. A city is _____ than the country.
A) the most exciting
B) exciting
C) more exciting
D) excited

13. Your class is _____ than my class.
A) noisy
B) noisiest
C) noisier
D) more noisy

14. Life in a country is _____ in a city.
A) slow
B) slower than
C) slower
D) slowly

15. Brain’s car is _____ in our district.
A) fast
B) faster
C) the fastest
D) more fast
16. Paris is _____ Madrid.
A) big than
B) bigger
C) bigger than
D) biggest

17. Madrid is much _____.
A) cheap
B) cheaper
C) cheapest
D) the cheapest

18. Why did you leave London? You had a _____ job.
A) better
B) best
C) gooder
D) the best

19. London _____ got a lot of parks.
A) has
B) have
C) does
D) do

20. Our school ____ a library, but it doesn’t ____ any computers.
A) has / have
B) have / has
C) has / has
D) have / have
21. My parents _____ a new stereo.
A) has
B) have
C) have get
D) have got

22. Does your sister _____ a fiancé?
A) has
B) has got
C) have
D) has get
23. I don’t _____ a problem with this exercise.
A) has
B) to have
C) have
D) has got

24. Do you have _____ homework?
A) some
B) a
C) any
D) the

25. I’ve got _____ pencils than you.
A) many
B) more
C) much
D) most

26. The Plaza is the _____ hotel.
A) cheap
B) cheapest
C) the cheapest
D) cheaper

27. Claridge’s is the _____ hotel.
A) old
B) oldest
C) older
D) the oldest

28. The Plaza _____ a swimming pool.
A) have got
B) has got
C) does have
D) do has

29. I _____ for a walk in the country and ___ a farm.
A) went / see
B) go / saw
C) went / saw
D) look / saw

30. Yesterday was _____ than today.
A) most hottest B) more hot
C) hot D) much hotter
31. She’s _____ than her brother.
A) tall
B) tallest
C) taller
D) the tallest

32. She is smaller _____ her sister.
A) that
B) this
C) than
D) this

33. I’m the _____ in the class.
A) youngest
B) most youngest
C) young
D) younger

34. Last week was _____ than this week
A) busier
B) busiest
C) more busy
D) busy

35. He _____ got any sisters.
A) haven’t
B) doesn’t
C) hasn’t
D) don’t

36. Do you _____ any bread?
A) got
B) have
C) has
D) had

37. My homework is the _____ in class.
A) worst
B) worse
C) worthy
D) bad

38. This exercise is _____ difficult in the book.
A) most B) more
C) the most D) the more

39. I’m the most _____.
A) intelligent
B) clever
C) cleverer
D) the intelligent

40. Its university, founded ___ 1965, is one of the oldest in Europe
A) on
B) in
C) at
D) of

41. I’ve got a book _____ Mark Twain.
A) by
B) from
C) off
D) in

42. Help me _____ my homework.
A) in
B) by
C) with
D) on

43. These exercises are _____ in the exam.
A) the difficulties
B) the most difficult
C) the difficult
D) most difficult

44. His exam marks were _____ for several months.
A) the baddest
B) the bad
C) badder
D) the worst

45. Have you _____ any rice?
A) have
B) got
C) have got
D) had

46. Bill _____ got any friends.
A) has no B) hasn’t
C) doesn’t D) not
47. Last week was _____ than this week.
A) busy
B) more busy
C) busier
D) the busiest

48. Hey! You are _____ employee in our firm.
A) youngest
B) younger
C) young
D) the youngest

49. She is taller _____ her elder sister.
A) than
B) then
C) that
D) the

50. Yesterday it was ____ the day before yesterday.
A) colder the
B) colder than
C) colder them
D) colder

51. Nancy’s car is ____than mine, but Ben’s car is ____ car.
A) the most expensive / more expensive
B) more expensive / the most expensive
C) expensiver / expensivest
D) most expensive / the more expensive

52. Your essay was _____ than Jim’s, but it was _____ than Mary’s.
A) better / worse
B) gooder / badder
C) better / worst
D) best / worse

53. New houses are _____ than old ones.
A) more modern and clean
B) modern and cleaner
C) more modern and cleaner
D) moderner/cleaner
54. A: _____ she _____ a new job?
B: Yes, she does.
A) Has / got
B) Does / got
C) Does / *
D) Does / have

55. A: _____ they got any problems?
B: No, they _____ .
A) Have / haven’t
B) Do / have
C) Do / does
D) Does / has

56. Maya _____ got a camera. And she _____ have a car either.
A) haven’t / doesn’t
B) hasn’t / doesn’t
C) doesn’t / hasn’t
D) haven’t / don’t

57. She dived _____ the lake and went _____ the water quickly.
A) into / out of
B) in / out of
C) into / out
D) in / out

58. Who can run first _____ and _____ the hill?
A) up / on
B) upper / down
C) down / under
D) up / down

59. The chemist is 2 kilometers _____ the port.
A) off
B) from
C) along
D) via

60. Cairo is located _____ the banks _____ the Nile River.
A) of / on B) on / off
C) on / of D) in / of
61. Walk _____ this path and ____ the stream.
A) along / in
B) along / over
C) over / in
D) in / on

62. Go _____ the bus stop _____ is at the corner.
A) close / what
B) past / where
C) past / which
D) near / went

63. Drive me to the _____ , or I’ll be late _____ my plane.
A) port / of
B) airport / on
C) airport / for
D) port / of

64. Izmir is the sea _____ _____ hundreds of ships come to.
A) port / where
B) port / that
C) stop / which
D) port / when

65. Is there a car ____ _____ I can park my Porche?
A) center / where
B) park / where
C) station / where
D) bank / which

66. We went on picnic to the _____ of the Nile River _____ is very beautiful
in spring.
A) banks / where
B) where / banks
C) banks / which
D) which / banks


1-C 2-B 3-A 4-A 5-C 6-D 7-D 8-C

9-A 10-D 11-B 12-C 13-C 14-B 15-C 16-C

17-B 18-A 19-A 20-A 21-D 22-C 23-C 24-C

25-B 26-B 27-B 28-B 29-C 30-D 31-C 32-C

33-A 34-A 35-C 36-B 37-A 38-C 39-A 40-B

41-A 42-C 43-B 44-D 45-B 46-B 47-C 48-D

49-A 50-B 51-B 52-A 53-C 54-D 55-A 56-B

57-A 58-D 59-B 60-C 61-B 62-C 63-C 64-A

65-B 66-C


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