Academic Reading 9

Academic Reading 9

Emma Christoffersen was twenty-eight years old when she collapsed moments after leaving a long flight from Australia. Her death highlighted the statistics concerning health-related problems during long flights. In fact, more people die from health-related incidents during flights than from air crashes. Studies show that poor air quality, low oxygen levels and cramped seating are triggering heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis and causing contagious diseases among an increasingly large number of passengers. Long periods of sitting in cramped quarters can cause blood clots to form, especially in the legs and lower abdomen, which can cause deep vein thrombosis, from which Emma died. Passengers have also contracted tuberculosis through recycled air. Despite these problems, the airlines are not addressing these issues and continue to reduce the space between seats. The Aviation Health Institute advises that cabins are ventilated every three minutes, but at present, the average Is every ten. To minimise the risk to their health, passengers are advised to exercise and drink plenty of water during a flight.

1-According to the passage, air crashes account for………. .
A) the greatest number of deaths during flights
B) far fewer deaths than are caused by tuberculosis
C) fewer fatalities than from those relating to health problems during flights
D) as many deaths as from heart attacks and deep vein thrombosis combined
E) only a small proportion of all accidental deaths

2-The author states that airlines are currently……….. .
A) trying to provide more space for passengers
B) ignoring the health-related problems during flight
C) doing all they can to make their planes as safe as possible
D) providing passengers with such facilities as exercise or plenty of water during their flight.
E) designing the ventilation systems to prevent any further spread of disease

3-The main factors contributing to health-related problems during flight mentioned in the passage are ……. .
A) the confined space in which a passenger has to sit and inadequate ventilation
B) poor safety instructions handed to the passengers by the cabin crew of the aircraft
C) the absence of any supply of liquid refreshment served while on board an aircraft
D) people travelling when they are suffering from health problems and contagious diseases
E) passengers not taking enough exercise before boarding a long flight






1. C

2. B

3. A



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