Academic Reading 14

Academic Reading 14

The American actress Lauren Bacall first came into prominence as the husky-voiced glamour girl who captivated Humphrey Bogart both on and off the screen, but enduring talent enabled her to build a solid show business career that lasted for more than 50 years. Bacall made her film debut opposite Bogart in ‘To Have and Have Not’ (1944). Dubbed “The Look” for her sophisticated mannerisms and sultry eyes, Bacall was emulated by women across the United States. The real-life romance of the two stars further generated interest in the film. They married in 1945 and had two children. The popular couple, often referred to as “Bogey and Bacall”, went on to appear together in The Big Sleep’ (1946), ‘Dark Passage’ (1947), and ‘Key Largo’ (1948). Among Bacall’s other early films were ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ (1953), Written on the Wind’ (19561, and ‘Designing Woman’ (1957). Bogart, who was 25 years Bacall’s senior, died of cancer in 1957. She married actor Jason Robards, Jr., in 1961, and they had a son together before divorcing in 1969.

1- According to the passage, American women …… .
A) thought Lauren Bacan was the most beautiful film star in history
B) preferred Bogart to Jason Robards
C) usually have sultry looks as did Lauren Bacall
D) were jealous of Lauren Bacall’s happy marriage
E) wished to be like Lauren Bacall

2- We can conclude from the passage that Lauren Bacall …….. .
A) married Humphrey Bogart although he had two children
B) attained fame through Bogart’s influential connections
C) was not as happy in her second marriage as she had been in her first
D) had-a brief affair with Bogart when she was married to another man
E) got divorced from her second husband because she couldn’t forget Bogart

3- We learn from the passage that the romance of Bogey and Bacall ………… .
A) led to their first film together being referred to as ‘The Look’ ,
B) heightened curiosity about their first film together
C) was unique in the whole of American film history
D) developed a long time before the film ‘To Have and Have Not’
E) led to her divorce from actor Jason Robards in 1961






1. E

2. C

3. B



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