How to Give a Pug a Bath

How to Give a Pug a Bath


💖How to Give a Pug a Bath

Baths are an important part of grooming a Pug. This is your chance to thoroughly clean your puppy or dog to remove body oil, dirt, and debris, slather the entire body with products that will promote healthy skin and fur, and use something to control odors and keep your Pug smelling nice. There are some bathing missteps that can actually cause issues such as overly dry skin, skin reactions like itching or rash, or striped fur, and not properly drying your Pug can contribute to skin yeast infections. So, this article will cover the exact steps to successfully bathe a Pug for maximum benefits.

💖How Often a Pug Needs a Bath

Most Pugs need to be given a bath once every 3 weeks, even if they appear to be clean and smell just fine. Baths are given at this interval because the body is constantly producing oils that are excreted through the hair follicles. These serve as a natural barrier from external elements and help keep a dog's skin moisturized. But, these do not evaporate; rather, they accumulate. At about the 3-week mark, there is enough body oil on a Pug that skin pores can become blocked and a bad smell can develop if these are not washed away. A bath, done properly, will effectively wash those oils away without stripping the skin and fur, leaving your Pug with a 'clean slate' that will mark the beginning of the 3-week cycle. Another thing that happens during a bath is that loose hairs are freed. And, while the same time interval does not apply to this method of removing dead hairs from a Pug's coat as it does in regard to body oils, it can be advantageous for this to occur every 3 weeks since this can decrease the amount of work you do when brushing the coat to keep shedding under control. Note that you can give your Pug a bath more often than this if the circumstances warrant it; for example, if your Pug rolled around in a muddy puddle or otherwise got so dirty that spot-cleaning won't work or if there are skin issues that require the use of a specialty shampoo.

💖 Where to Give a Pug a Bath

Young puppies, due to their size and possible fear of water, often do best when given a bath in a kitchen sink. Everything should be removed from the sink and it should be cleaned well and rinsed out. Adult Pugs can also be given baths in a sink, if it is large enough. But, many do best with baths in a bathtub. If the weather is warm enough that an outside water hose will not be too cold, baths can be given outdoors as long as you have a clean area to do so with one option being a small kiddie pool.




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